2012 Bear Archery Compound Bow Range

Bear Archery has introduced the 2012 compound bow lineup with a number of new bows as well as the reissue of a few of the popular power bows that have been available for some time now. The bows include another bow designed for the female hunters as well as an updated version of the Apprentice youth bow.

The list is as follows:

Home Wrecker
Apprentice 2

Of these bows, the Anarchy, Legion, Encounter, Outbreak, Siren and Apprentice 2 are new to the market. We will take a closer look at each of the new releases to get a bit of an idea of what is being unveiled by Bear Archery.

Bear Anarchy – the new flagship bow of the Bear range, the Anarchy is powered by the new Flat Top Cam system that powers the Max Pre-Load Quad Limbs to generate speeds to give the bow an IBO rating of 340 fps. The people at Bear Archery have listened to the requests of their customers and created a bow that is longer axle-to-axle and lighter in weight while still maintaining the durability that is expected of a leading hunting bow.

The Anarchy is available a choice of two finishes: the Realtree and the Shadow and both are displayed below.


Bear Legion – this is the next step up from the old Strike. It is a short framed bow with a length of just 30.5”. The difference between the Legion and the Strike is in the cam system with the new bow featuring the Rotating Modular E2-Cam system. The reason for the redesigned cam is the desire to produce a smoother draw and higher speed.

The Legion is available from Bear Archery as a bow only or in the Ready To Hunt package. Both are displayed below.


Bear Encounter – this is another short framed bow, again at 30.5” like the Legion. Just as with the Legion the Encounter is also powered by the Rotating Modular E2-Cam system. The weight of the Encounter is one of the the lightest of all of the new compound bow models and the brace height is a very generous 7.75”. All of that and the price tag makes the Encounter the Perfect entry level compound bow.


Bear Outbreak – the lightweight award goes to the Outbreak weighing in at only 3.5 lbs and the diminutive nature of the bow is confirmed with the axle to axle measurement of 29.25”.

This is a great transitional bow to take the young hunter from the minor leagues to the majors with the Dual Rotating Modular Cam system capable of providing speeds of over 300 fps.

The Outbreak is available in the Realtree APG finish and can also be bought fully equipped in the Ready To Hunt package piled with Trophy Ridge accessories.

Bear Siren – the new compound bow in the range designed specifically for the female hunter has been tested by women and refined to provide the perfect hunting bow. The Siren is equipped with the FH cam system (yes, the FH stands for “For Her”) and can be adjusted for draw lengths ranging from 22” to 27”. Weighing in at only 3.8 lbs the bow can be carried around all day and with an IBO rating of 300 fps it packs some serious stopping power.

The bow is available in two finishes: the Realtree Max-1 finish and the Shadow series finish.


Bear Apprentice 2 – the new youth bow in the range has improved upon the original Apprentice design. The improvement in question is an increase in the peak draw weight to 60lbs. This gives the young hunter the chance to continue using the bow much longer than they might have otherwise.

Boys and girls are catered for with the choice of either the Realtree APG finish or the Pink Camo finish.


Find out more about the range of previous year's Bear compound bows by visiting our Bear Archery page.

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