A Buying Guide To Short Framed Bows

Not everyone requires a large, beefy looking compound bow to take out hunting. In some situations that can be downright restrictive as you try to make your way through the undergrowth to get to your hunting blind. A short framed hunting bow may be the answer to your needs but you are a little unsure exactly which bows will provide you with the size and power that you need.

This guide presents as many bows as possible that are considered short framed bows. For the purposes of this guide we are calling bows short framed if they measure 30 inches and less axle-to-axle. We are going to ignore bows that are considered youth bows. Rather, the focus is on the serious hunting bows.

To get more information about any of the bows listed below simply click on the name to be taken to the details page.

Bear Strike – (30” Axle to Axle)
Bear Charge – (30” Axle to Axle)
Bear Lights Out – (30” Axle to Axle)
Browning Mirage - (29-7/8” Axle to Axle)
Martin Firehawk – (29-3/4” Axle to Axle)
Martin Cheetah – (30” Axle to Axle)
Martin Leopard – (29-3/4” Axle to Axle)
Mathews Z7 – (30” Axle to Axle)
Mathews Z7 Xtreme – (28” Axle to Axle)
Mathews Hyperlite – (29.75” Axle to Axle)
Mathews DXT – (29.75” Axle to Axle)
Parker Ambusher Z28 – (28” Axle to Axle)
PSE Bow Madness XS – (29.25” Axle to Axle)
PSE Vendetta XS – (29.25” Axle to Axle)
PSE X-Force Super Short GX – (26.75” Axle to Axle)

As more short framed bows become available or are released by the various bow manufacturers they will be added to the list.

Anyone looking for a small compound bow for sale should check this page out in order to compare the different makes and models.

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