Arrow Rests

The function of the arrow rest is pretty straightforward. It supports the arrow, holding it in position until it has been fired from the bow. While it may seem to be a simple concept, there is still quite a diverse range of arrow rests available with three definite different types to choose from. There are many different models available from a number of archery accessory specialists and the prices range from very cheap to quite expensive. Out of all of the choices you will be left, possibly scratching your head, trying to work out what sort of arrow rest is the most suitable for your needs.

The use of a good quality arrow rest can definitely improve your shooting with a more stable starting point an obvious advantage. Deciding on the type of arrow rest you need is what the article below aims to help you with.

Firstly, though, for those who are simply looking for an arrow rest to buy, the following selection represents some of the arrow rest bargains that are available. Further down is a listing of the major archery accessory manufacturers. By clicking on the respective manufacturer name you will be taken to a page that will deal specifically with the arrow rests made by them. Also further down the page is a description of the various types of arrow rests that are made and which one to use depending on the type of shooting you plan on doing.

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There are quite a lot of companies making quality archery accessories. Some of these companies specialize in arrow rests while others include arrow rests as part of their wider line. The list of manufacturers displayed below is a good starting point in finding a quality arrow rest for sale.

Popular Arrow Rest Manufacturers

Trophy Taker


Trophy Ridge



Spot Hogg





Types of Arrow Rests

The reason for using an arrow rest couldn't be simpler: it holds the arrow in place until it is time to be fired from the bow. But while the purpose may be the same, not all arrow rests are the same. Some are very straightforward looking devices that are simple to install onto your bow while others are far more complex and can be more convoluted.

Although all arrow rests do their jobs, different types of arrow rests work better for different types of bows and with different types of arrows. The trick is to match them up so that you can achieve the most consistent launch possible. The arrow rest on your hunting bow is going to be different to the arrow rest on your target bow, for example. Similarly, if you use a bow release rather than releasing the string with your fingers, you are going to need a different type of arrow rest because the arrow is going to behave differently thanks to the lateral movement caused by the fingers or lack of it caused by the release aid.

So here are four of the most popular styles of arrow rests used by the majority of archers.

Shoot-Thru Arrow Rests

These arrow rests may also be referred to as prong rests and they are popular with both hunter and target archers. The prongs fit any size shaft and the spring adjusts so that it can be tuned to perform its downward motion depending on the shaft that is being used.

The prongs of the shoot-thru arrow rest are spaced far enough apart so that they cradle the arrow as it sits waiting to be launched.

Containment Arrow Rests

These rests provide the hunter with the security of ensuring the arrow won't fall from the rest once it has been put in place. They actually encircle the shaft of the arrow completely so that when walking and climbing and dealing with the undergrowth the arrow is held firmly. In some cases the opportunity for taking the shot happens very quickly and the process can be untidy which can cause the arrow to bounce straight off a conventional rest. The full capture rest won't allow that to happen.

When the containment arrow rest has been set up properly the arrow is going to be perfectly in place and ready to be shot at any time. For this reason it is an arrow rest that will remain very popular with bowhunters. Another very good reason for hunters to prefer their containment rests is down to the fact that the arrow shaft is contacted on all sides and this guides the arrow through any discrepancies that may come about due to the small flaws and inconsistencies in the shaft construction or in the effect that nock travel might cause.

Where some shooters might feel there is a problem with a containment rest is the fact that the fletching can make contact with the rest, potentially damaging them. The actual contact itself will not divert the path of the arrow because it is usually perfectly symmetrical on all sides of the arrow. Using short, stiff fletchings such as the Bohning Blazor or the NAP QuikSpin Speed Hunter ST should minimize any damage.

When many shooters think of the containment arrow rest they think of the Whisker Biscuit by Trophy Ridge, possibly the most well-known and most popular among the hunting community.

Drop Away Arrow Rests

Drop away arrow rests have been in use for some time now and have enjoyed a resurgence in interest thanks to some improvements in the way they have been designed. The idea behind a drop away arrow rest is that it will hold the arrow in place as the bow string is drawn back and then, when the arrow commences its flight from the bow, the rest will drop out of the way to allow the arrow to fly unimpeded. These arrow rests will move out of the way to an extent large enough to ensure arrows with even the largest fletchings will not touch them.

Drop away arrow rests come in a variety of different methods for which they work. Some work through the initial forward movement of the arrow while others work through the movement of the bow's cable. In some cases the design features that have gone into the actual arrow rest are incredibly complex.

A drop away arrow rest has an obvious advantage over arrow rests such as shoot-through arrow rests in that they can be used with arrows that have been fitted with larger fletchings. They create less friction so they will have less influence on the speed and trajectory of the arrow.

These arrow rests are also often referred to as fall away arrow rests. Sometimes fall-away arrow rests can also act as containment rests, just take a look at the Ripcord arrow rest to see how.

To help you decide which Drop Away arrow rest to buy we have provided a Guide to The Leading Drop Away Arrow Rests.

Pressure Rests or Shoot-Around Rests

A shooter who prefers to release their arrows using their fingers might find a lot of benefit to using a pressure rest. The natural horizontal movement of the arrow when it is released by a finger shooter can be compensated to a certain extent with a pressure rest. These arrow rests operate from the side and affects the arrow shaft from the side and are specifically designed for finger shooters.

The amount of pressure that is exerted onto the arrow can be adjusted to suit the style of the shooter and can be fine tuned to the point where a great deal of consistency can be achieved.

Other Arrow Rests

There are a number of different types of arrow rests that are also created for specific types of archery and circumstances that have not been covered above. These arrow rests may be used by shooters who have not been able to find a rest that they feel comfortable with. They also may be participating in a discipline that is not popularly pursued such as bowfishing.

Take your time and choose your arrow rest carefully. It is not always going to be the case that an arrow rest that is more expensive is going to be better, in fact it is very likely that the simpler, less complicated arrow rest will serve you perfectly well.

Visit our bow accessories page to buy more archery equipment.

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