Athens Protege Compound Bow

The Athens Protege compound bow is a youth bow but according to the company it is not just any youth bow, it is the type of bow that will set a new standard in kid bows. The bow features a dual cam system with rotating mods, sealed cam bearings and rear pivot limb pockets. The bow has been given an IBO rating of 230+ fps.

The bow has quite a wide draw length range starting from a minimum of 11-3/4” and going out to 26-1/4” with half inch increments making it the type of bow that will allow growth with the child using it. The draw weight starts out at a tiny 5 lbs to cater for the smallest shooter and gets up to 29 lbs making this the only bow your child will ever need.

The bow has been made in a choice of color options that might appeal to either a boy or a girl. The choice of finishes run to either a black riser with Vista Camo or pink riser with pink Vista Camo.

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Bow Features :

True Dual Cams
Sealed Cam Bearings
CNC Machined Shelf Guard
Rear pivot limb pockets
Sick String System

Athens Protege Bow Specs

Draw Weights : 5-29lbs
Draw Lengths : 11-3/4 – 26-1/4"
Axle to Axle : 25"
Brace Height : 6"
Mass Weight : 2.9 lbs
Effective Let Off : 65-80%
IBO Speed : 230+ fps

What they're saying in the forums about the Athens Protege

This bow is by far the nicest youth bow I have seen. The quality is no less than all the other Athens bows. Adjustability of draw length is virtually infinite between the minimum and max settings. The dual draw stops provide a very solid wall.


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