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The Axcel Archery bow sights are fast becoming the pinnacle of the hunting and tournament bow shooting industry. The company has steadily crept into the consciousness of serious hunters thanks to the absolute solidity of the sight’s construction and the great durability of the fiber optics.

One of the features of the sights in the Armortech range is the use of Armor Fiber Technology (AFT) which provides 100% protection for each fiber along the entire length. This means that there will be far less possibility of the sight being rendered useless due to breakage.

Sighting is improved on the company’s hunting sights thanks to the use of True Center Vision (TCV) which provides a complete circular sight picture even when it is being viewed slightly off center.

There is already an impressive range of hunting sights that form the Armortech line. These sights have incorporated vibration dampening devices and have sped up the adjustment process. Easy to use adjustment knobs make it a simple task to tune the sight and there is a healthy selection of pin numbers across the range of sights.

The tournament sights that are being produced have become so reliable that they are being used competitively at the highest possible levels. And they are proving to be contributors to successful competition campaigns too.

Displayed below is a range of Axcel bow sights that are available for sale. Click on a selection to find out more information about the sight being offered. Further down the page is a listing of the sights for which a review page has been created.

Axcel Bow Sight Models - Information and Sales

Axcel Armortech Pro Bow Sight Axcel Armortech Pro
The Axcel Armortech Pro bow sight has proven to be particularly popular among experienced hunters thanks to the toughness of the materials used in the housing combined with the durability of the fiber optics.
 Axcel Armortech HD Pro Bow Sight Axcel Armortech HD Pro
The Axcel Armortech HD Pro bow sight is a particularly durable bow sight that provides the hunter with fine tuning adjustability making it one of the most popular sights available. Vibration control is supplied by a Mathews Harmonic Damper.
 Axcel Armortech HD Vision Bow Sight Axcel Armortech HD Vision
The Axcel Armortech HD Vision bow sight features a simple design that belies its great strengths of fine presision and great durability. The Vision features a larger 2” sight housing and vibration control courtesy of a Mathews Harmonic Damper.

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