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Legendary sportsman Fred Bear founded Bear Archery though his passion for bow hunting and getting the most out of the craftsmanship that went into the bows.

The 2016 New Release Compound Bows have been announced.  See them here

The Bear Archery aim is to delivery quality products that perform well above what you would expect them to for the price you will pay for them. The compound bows that come from Bear Archery are consistently strong, high-performance bows.

Bear limbs are compression molded made with continuous uncut fibers. They are strong and very durable and provide masses of energy during the draw and release with transference that is done smoothly and efficiently.

Recent advances made in Bear technology include the Perimeter Weighted Modular Single Cam system that is now used by The Truth 2 compound bow giving it plenty of speed. The cam’s shape sets the stage for a smooth draw – including an asymmetric power track that reduces friction and increases cable life.

The Bear compound bows also make use of Flare Quad Limbs that flex well beyond the parallel and they have been designed to evenly distribute stress during draw and release.

Other Bear Archery compound bow performance features include Axle Mounted Weighted Dampeners, Dual Arc String Suppressors and Machined Aluminum Pivoting Limb Cups. All of these features aim to reduce the amount of string vibration felt through the bow.

The following is a selection of the Bear Archery compound bows that are commonly available on the market right now, make a selection to get more information about the individual bows. It is also possible to buy these bows as part of a complete Bear compound bow package.

Listed below is a sample of the compound bows that are available from Bear Archery. Further down the page is a listing of all of the individual Bear compound bows that have been examined and offered for sale

Bear Compound Bows For Sale

Bear Charge compound bow
Bear Charge compound bow
$91.00 (34 Bids)
Time Remaining: 44m
Fred Bear Element Compound Bow
Fred Bear Element Compound Bow
Time Remaining: 2h 13m
Buy It Now for only: $249.99
The Pro Shop Series The Beast bow Compound Hunting Deer Bear Soft Camo Case
The Pro Shop Series The Beast bow Compound Hunting Deer Bear Soft Camo Case
Time Remaining: 3h 44m
Buy It Now for only: $202.49
Bear Archery Cruzer Lite Compound Bow Realtree Black 45lb RH  NEW RTH
Bear Archery Cruzer Lite Compound Bow Realtree Black 45lb RH NEW RTH
Time Remaining: 5h 1m
Buy It Now for only: $249.99
Bear Whitetail Hunter 60lbs 30inch draw Hunting Compound Bow is in great shape
Bear Whitetail Hunter 60lbs 30inch draw Hunting Compound Bow is in great shape
Time Remaining: 6h 18m
Buy It Now for only: $89.99
Bear Scout Compound Bow
Bear Scout Compound Bow
Time Remaining: 6h 46m

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Bear Compound Bow Models - Information and Sales

Bear Arena 30 Bear Arena 30
The Bear Arena 30 is an ultra-lightweight hunting bow that puts you exactly on the apex of smooth-use and speed. The bow is very easy to use and comes with a H15 Hybrid cam system, which offers an easier draw cycle and let down.
Bear Arena 34 Bear Arena 34
The Arena 34 is for those who need a more robust and sturdy bow. The Arena 34 is the slightly bigger brother to the Arena 30. The main difference here is that the Bear Arena adds four inches to the axle-to-axle length but still retains a 6.5-inch brace height.
 Bear Escape Bear Escape
The Bear Escape compound bow has been released as one of the flagship bows for the 2016 season. It is a high-performing speed bow that has been loaded with the latest in the company’s innovative technologies.
 Bear Escape SD Bear Escape SD
The Bear Escape SD is the short draw version of the new flagship compound bow from Bear for the 2016 season. The bow is designed to cater for the female shooter with a reduced draw length and lighter draw weight options but it remains seriously fast and powerful.
Bear BR33 Bear BR33
The Bear BR33 compound bow blends foresight and engineering in an attempt to prove that Hybrid Cam bows do not put speed over single-cam bows. This bow is incredibly smooth with a draw cycle reminiscent of a single-cam bow but blended with the performance of a hybrid.
 Bear Marshal Bear Marshal
The Bear Marshal compound bow is a single cam bow that promises a smooth draw and a steady release that you don’t expect from a bow at this price point. The technologies that have been included in this bow are similar to those you get from far more costly models.
Bear Threat Bear Threat
The Bear Threat compound bow is a lightweight bow, designed for the everyday hunter who want the heavy hitting features, without having to empty their pockets. This powerful bow is perfect for any archer, who wishes to receive the most comfortable features, for the lowest cost.
Bear Traxx Bear Traxx
The Bear Traxx compound bow is truly redefining the hunting bow. The Traxx exemplifies what a hunting bow should be: ultra-smooth, quiet, shock-free, and an IBO rating of 338 fps. The bow also provides a forgiving 31-5/8" axle-to-axle length giving it great balance and feel.
 Bear Wild Bear Wild
The Bear Wild compound bow shows that it doesn't take a super expensive bow to deliver high speeds and efficiency. This single cam bow is smooth and has a comfortable let-off which improves the aim. It is highly recommended for beginners who are looking for an affordable bow.
Bear Tremor Bear Tremor
The Bear Tremor compound bow is fully loaded with all the features necessary for a successful day of shooting. The S13 single cam adds a little smoother feel, but still feels fast as ever. The cam is also equipped with a rotating module that can be adjusted without the use of a bow press.
Bear Crux Bear Crux
The Bear Crux compound bow has been made available by Bear Archery as a ready-to-hunt compound bow that is equipped with a hybrid-cam for tremendous speed and undeniable performance. A forbearing 7.5" brace height and max-preload quad limbs make this bow an impressive option for even the most experienced hunters.
Bear Bounty Bear Bounty
The Bear Bounty compound bow is a new compound bow for 2015 designed to meet the needs of the female hunter. The company has quickly pointed out that it is aware that not all ladies want to shoot a pink bow and so the Bounty has been made available in Realtree Max-1 too.
 Bear Agenda 6 Bear Agenda 6
The Bear Agenda 6 compound bow is the flagship bow in the Bear Archery range for the 2014 season. The bow replaces the previous season’s Motive 6. It has been equipped with the latest rotating module cam for a blisteringly fast top end speed and improved riser technology to ensure the bow is even more agile.
 Bear Agenda 7 Bear Agenda 7
The Bear Agenda 7 compound bow is the flagship bow in the Bear Archery range for the 2014 season. The bow replaces the previous season’s Motive 7. It has been equipped with the latest rotating module cam for a blisteringly fast top end speed and improved riser technology to ensure the bow is even more agile.
Bear Anarchy HC Bear Anarchy HC
The Bear Anarchy HC compound bow has been released as a redesign of the original Anarchy bow for the 2014 season with a dual synchronized hybrid cam system that combines power with smoothness.
Bear Anarchy
The Bear Anarchy compound bow is a brand new power bow released as part of the 2012 line-up. The bow has been created with an interesting combination of a greater frame size and longer brace height
Bear Apprentice 3 Bear Apprentice 3
The Bear Apprentice 3 compound bow has taken the youth compound bow market to another level with the improved Apprentice 2 now sporting the latest in Bear technology.

Bear Assault

Bear Assault
If you thought the Bear Attack was packed with features but felt it was a little too long for your liking, the Bear Assault compound bow should be more your cup of tea.

Bear Attack

Bear Attack
The Bear Attack compound bow is part of the 2010 release of bows and boasts an extremely smooth draw for a bow that can shoot at the speeds possible that this bow can shoot.

Bear Attitude

Bear Attitude
The Bear Attitude compound bow is a great introductory bow to give the newcomer to the archery world a lot of confidence. The bow is smooth to draw and will prove to be a sturdy performer with a neutral riser leading to a smooth draw cycle. As an entry-level compound bow the Attitude has a large enough brace height to ensure the newcomer will be eased into the fold.

Bear Authority

Bear Authority
The Bear Authority compound bow has been created by Bear Archery for the 2014 season as the easy to access performance bow that has been equipped with the latest technology for a reasonable price.

Bear Carnage

Bear Carnage
The Bear Carnage compound bow is the new power bow in the Bear Archery line-up. It has been billed as a perfect combination of speed, power, smoothness and efficiency.

Bear Charge

Bear Charge
The perfect compound bow to buy as a first bow. If you are looking for a smooth drawing compound bow that is forgiving you should try the Bear Charge.
  Bear Domain
The Bear Domain compound bow provides greater axle to axle length than other bows in the Bear range for a greater balance and better feel.
Bear DoneDeal Bear Done Deal
A hunting bow that can only be described as high performance, the Done Deal by Bear will suit bowhunters of all standards. It is a high energy bow that deilvers a smooth and quiet shot thanks to components that work together.
Bear Effect Bear Effect
The Bear Effect compound bow is a consistently accurate synchronized dual cam bow that offers smooth shooting and powerful accuracy. The bow uses the new efficient Synchronized H13 Hybrid cam system that can be adjusted to any draw length and works with smooth efficiency.
  Bear Empire
The Bear Empire compound bow is the new top of the range single cam bow in the Bear line-up and is a new model for the 2013 season.
Bear Encounter
The Bear Encounter compound bow is a lightweight bow that is packed with features and is unveiled as part of the 2012 range.
Bear Finesse Bear Finesse
The Bear Finesse compound bow is a new women’s hunting bow introduced for the 2014 season. The bow is the second hunting bow that has been designed for the female hunter joining the Rumor, also first introduced in 2014. This is a shorter, lighter bow than the Rumor and gives the archer a smooth-drawing option that uses the FH1 cam system.
Bear GameOver Bear Game Over
The strength of the Bear Game Over compound bow is in just how forgiving the bow is. It has a brace height of 7.875" giving it an added degree of accuracy and comfort when making the shot.

Bear Home Wrecker

Bear Home Wrecker
The Bear Home Wrecker compound bow is the 2011 bow designed and built especially for women. It has been created as a light weight bow that has also been gifted with a fair whack of speed.
  Bear Legion
The Bear Legion compound bow has taken the features and short frame stature of the Bear Strike and has improved it.
Bear Lights Out Bear Lights Out
The Lights Out compound bow is an extremely maneouverable bow thanks to the short axle to axle measurement. In comparison the bow's brace height is a healthy 8.75" making it a very forgiving and accurate bow.

Bear Mauler

Bear Mauler
The Bear Mauler compound bow is the mid-range compound bow in the 2011 line-up of power bows from Bear Archery. It uses the E-Cam, the same cam system as the Attack and this means it shoots with the same efficiency.
  Bear Method
The Bear Method compound bow uses the H13 hybrid cam system that is also used in the top of the range bows. With a longer brace height and larger frame the bow is a good combination of speed and stability at a very affordable price.
  Bear Motive 6
The Bear Motive 6 compound bow has been released for the 2013 season and is a combination of a lightweight bow that is capable of incredible speeds.
  Bear Motive 7
The Bear Motive 7 compound bow has been released for the 2013 season and uses the same characteristics of the Motive 6 but has packaged it up in a more carefully considered bow.

Bear Rumor

Bear Rumor
The Bear Rumor compound bow is a new high-end performance bow designed for the female shooter. The bow is a light weight rig with a mass weight of only 3.6 lbs. The shorter axle to axle length is also perfect for the smaller statured female shooters.
Bear Siren
The Bear Siren compound bow is the new hunting bow specifically designed for the female bow hunter in 2012. Although this may be classed as a bow for women there is no way that it can be considered anything but a top-flight hunting bow.

Bear Strike Shadow

Bear Strike
The Bear Strike compound bow is a very reasonably priced bow that comes with features that you would expect in a far more expensive bow.

Bear The Truth 2

Bear The Truth 2
The Bear The Truth 2 compound bow is a smooth drawing bow with a cam system that includes an asymmetric power track that reduces friction and increases cable life.

Bear Venue

Bear Venue
The Bear Venue compound bow is a fast and smooth single cam system compound bow that features a new Bear Hinge Guard and rubber riser inserts for a lightweight efficient bow. It combines high-end speed with the forgiveness of a 7-inch brace height.
Bear Showdown vert Bear Showdown
Here is a Bear Archery bow that is built for accuracy over speed with a longer brace height than most of the other current crop of bows. The speed has been reduced as a result, but then, speed is not everything when it comes to good shooting.
  Bear Advantage Hunter
The Bear Advantage Hunter compound bow is a single cam bow that has been designed to give the hunter the ideal compact weapon to shoot with. See also the Showdown
Bear UltraLight Bear UltraLight
The Bear Truth 2 Ultralight compound bow is packed with all of the features you'd expect from the Truth 2 compound bow but in a bow with a smaller scale. The draw length range is shorter and the bow is a lot lighter.

Bear Young Gun

Bear Young Gun
The Bear Young Gun compound bow is a youth bow that has been carefully constructed by the Bear mob to get as near to the adult version as possible. It still comes with the lighter features so as not to overpower the smaller framed shooter.
  Bear Apprentice 2
The Bear Apprentice 2 compound bow is an improved version of the successful and popular youth bow, the Apprentice.
  Bear Outbreak
The Bear Outbreak compound bow would have to be one of the most versatile compound bows being offered on the market today.

Bear Apprentice

Bear Apprentice
Providing a fully kitted out compound bow for the younger shooters, Bear Archery has come up with a high-end youth bow in the Bear Apprentice compound bow.
Bear Whitetail
The Bear Whitetail compound bow is a very good compound bow from years ago that still makes a suitable bow to use as an entry level bow. The speed is nowhere near the pace of the newer models but represents great value for money.
  Bear Brave 3
The Bear Brave 3 compound bow is a youth bow that has been designed for the very young archer from age 8 and up.

We have summarized the entire 2012 season release of compound bows and they can be viewed at the 2012 Bear Archery Compound Bow Range page.

You can get more information about Bear bows by visiting the Bear Archery website.

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