Bear Home Wrecker Compound Bow

Bear Home WreckerThe Bear Home Wrecker compound bow is the 2011 bow designed and built especially for women. It has been created as a light weight bow that has also been gifted with a fair whack of speed. All of that comes with a smoothness that will be a delight to draw and shoot.

Some of the features include flared quad limbs that are compression-molded beyond parallel limbs designed to spread the stress evenly along the entire length during draw and release. The cam system is the proven perimeter weighted modular single cam that brings the type of efficiency Bear has been know for to this ladies’ bow.

The idler wheel has been designed to operate with extreme smoothness thanks to two stainless steel sealed ball bearings upon which it rotates.

Everything about the Bear Home Wrecker compound bow has been designed to offer ease of draw and features that will enhance accuracy.

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Bear Archery Home Wrecker Bow
Bear Archery Home Wrecker Bow
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Bow Features

Flared quad beyond parallel limbs
Perimeter weighted modular cam
Axle mounted weighted dampeners
Dual Arc String Suppressors
CNC machined aluminum riser

Bear Home Wrecker Bow Specs

Draw Weights : 50lbs
Draw Lengths : 22-28”
Axle to Axle : 29.75″
Brace Height : 6”
Mass Weight : 3.2lbs
Effective Let Off : 80%
IBO Speed: 280 fps

Finding Information About the Bear Home Wrecker Compound Bow

The Bear Home Wrecker compound bow is one of the bows that were released as part of the 2012 range and so they are covered in the 2012 Bear Owner’s Manual. To get important information about your Bear compound bow including vital warning details, bow diagrams, care and maintenance, how to adjust the draw weight of the bow, arrow selection recommendations and the setup of the bow you should read the manual.

Bear Archery 2012 Owner’s Manual

What they are saying in the forums about the Bear Home Wrecker

The shop guys were shooting it, and I asked if I could try it, since it was a "ladies" bow. He happily went off and set it up for my draw length and poundage, and I was shooting in 5 minutes. It was dead dog quiet, fast and comfortable. A little shorter ATA than what I am used to, but I liked it a lot. It's at a good price point, and I am thinking about buying one.

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