Bear Lights Out Compound Bow

Bear Lights OutThe Lights Out compound bow is an extremely maneouverable bow thanks to the short axle to axle measurement. In comparison the bow's brace height is a healthy 8.75" making it a very forgiving and accurate bow.

The Lights Out is powered by the Perimeter Modular Weighted cam system and the bow has been measured as reaching 296 fps IBO. The cam rotates on an asymmetric power track to reduce friction, prolonging the life of the cable.

Not only is this a very smooth and forgiving bow it is an extremely attractive looking bow. It's the kind of bow that you would be proud to be seen with it in your hands. If you set out to buy a Lights Out compound Bow you will be after a bow that will be light in the hands and gives you great feel too.

This is a very comfortable lightweight compound bow that will suit the smaller framed shooter such as youngsters who are looking for power along with all of the features of the top range bows.

Browse through the various Bear Lights Out compound bows that have been displayed for sale below. You will also find a list of bow features further down the page as well as the bow specifications to give you a good idea of the type of bow that is being reviewed and offered here.

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Bear Lights Out Compound Bow Right Handed Hunting Bow
Bear Lights Out Compound Bow Right Handed Hunting Bow
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Bear Lights Out Right Handed Compound Bow
Bear Lights Out Right Handed Compound Bow
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Bow Features

Compression Molded Flare Limbs
Perimeter Weighted Single Cam
Machined Aluminum Riser
Two Piece Grip
Integrated String Suppressor
Pivoting Limb Pockets

Lights Out Bow Specs

Draw Weights : 50, 60, 70 lbs
Draw Lengths : 25-31"
Axle to Axle : 30"
Brace Height : 7-3/4"
Mass Weight : 3.7 lbs
Effective Let Off : 80%
IBO Speed : 296-300 fps

What They're Saying About the Bear Lights Out Compound Bow

I would say this is the best "bang for your buck" bow in the bear lineup. However, if you have the money, the Truth 2 is a much better bow.


Bought the lights our in dec. 07. Very smooth all around bow. very manuverable at 30 in. axle to axle. larger brace height than a lot of the new parallel bows so it's pretty forgiving. the bow is advertised that it shoots up to 300 fps, this is true with the draw weight cranked up to around 70 and a rather long draw length 30+.


I bought the Lights Out in October and have been very pleased with it. Shoots fast, very light to pack around the brush and quiet.

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