Bear Outbreak Compound Bow

The Bear Outbreak compound bow would have to be one of the most versatile compound bows being offered on the market today. It has an incredible draw weight range of over 50 pounds with a maximum of 70 pounds. It is a bow that can be used by the seasoned hunter shooting from a ground blind or it can be adjusted to suit the young hunter who has just been introduced to the bow.

The bow is equipped with a dual rotating modular cam system and the draw length adjustability is quite wide ranging from 16” to 30” in 1” increments. The adjustments may be performed without the need to use a bow press or the changing of modules.

Other features that are notable with the Outbreak is the zero tolerance limb pockets, the max pre-load quad limbs and the string suppressor that has been fitted standard on the bow. The light weight of the bow, at only 3.5lbs makes it a bow that can be carried around all day without tiring the arms and the brace height of 7.25” provides you with all of the forgiveness you should ever need.

Bear has released the bow for the 2012 season and is offering it as a new bow as either the bow only or in a Ready To Hunt package. The bow is available in the RealTree APG finish.

Take a look at the various Bear Outbreak compound bows for sale below with the knowledge that there are possibilities for picking the bow up at a bargain price. For the younger archer it would also be worth taking a look at the Bear Apprentice 2 which provides you with a similar draw length and weight range.

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Bear Archery Outbreak Realtree Camo Compound Bow Left Hand 70lbs 308 FPS
Bear Archery Outbreak Realtree Camo Compound Bow Left Hand 70lbs 308 FPS
Time Remaining: 10d 10h 39m
Buy It Now for only: $349.99

Bow Features:

Dual Rotating Modular Cam system
Max Pre-Load Quad Limbs
Zero tolerance limb pockets

Bear Outbreak Specifications

Draw Weights : 15 to 70 lbs
Draw Lengths : 16-30”
Axle to Axle : 29.25″
Brace Height : 7.25″
Mass Weight : 3.5 lbs
Effective Let Off : 80%
IBO Speed : 308 fps

This bow was part of the 2014 line-up of compound bow releases. You can find the specifications of all bows released in 2014 here.

Finding Information About the Bear Outbreak Compound Bow

The Bear Outbreak compound bow is one of the bows that was originally released as part of the 2012 range and so they are covered in the 2012 Bear Owner’s Manual. To get important information about your Bear compound bow including vital warning details, bow diagrams, care and maintenance, how to adjust the draw weight of the bow, arrow selection recommendations and the setup of the bow you should read the manual.

Bear Archery 2012 Owner’s Manual

What they are saying in the forums about the Bear Outbreak

I own a Bear outbreak RTH which i brought recently. Its great for target shooting and is powerful enough for hunting. The only thing with this bow is the draw weight of the bow is in relation with your draw length. So if you have a draw length of 30 inch (max) then the bow shoots at 70 lbs (max). & if you have a draw length of 25 inch then its going to shoot with 60lbs or so.



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The Bear Outbreak was first released for the 2012 season and has been made part of the 2014 line up of Bear compound bows. View the full list of 2014 Bear compound bows here.

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