Black Gold Ascent ST Bow Sights

The Black Gold Ascent ST bow sight gives the shooter the option of adjusting their sights from anywhere between 10 yards and 80 yards. The ST in the name refers to Short Travel and is talking about the abbreviated length that the head has to move to adjust the sight. The sight is available in a choice of either 3 or 5 pins and according to Black Gold the pins are extremely durable, so much so that they have been termed bomb-proof.

The big selling point of the Ascent ST is the ease of adjustability that this durable sight will provide.

The Ascent ST is available in a choice of fluorescent sight ring colors. Choose from pink, yellow or green for an adjustable bow sight with a photochromatic shell that will always provide you with a clear sighting field. We have a selection of Black Gold Ascent ST bow sights for sale below, simply choose one to get more information about how to buy one.

Buy A Black Gold Ascent ST Bow Sight

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Product Specifications

Design: Direct Mount
Material: 6061 T6 machined aluminum
Adjustment: Vertical and horizontal calibrated gang, individual pin micro hor. and vert
Pins: 3 or 5 machined, BombProof all-metal, Micro Groove, Micro Dot (.019)
Finish: Black

What the customers say

This is a very good sight made even better for 2011. They have added a 3rd axis adjustment which was my only beef with them last year not having one. Very simple design and built like a tank for a slider sight. You can also mount a one piece quiver on them. You can do a single pin or multi pin slider definitely worth taking a look at if you are in the market for another sight this year.

slider sights are the only way to go in my opinion. for sure go with atleast a 3 pin sight, especially when hunting here in the west when shots can present themselves without any warning. black gold makes a good sight, but if you have some extra money, take a look at the sure-loc slider.

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