Black Gold FlashPoint Red Zone Bow Sights

The Black Gold FlashPoint Red Zone bow sight is a 5 or 7-pin bow sight that is distinguished by the bottom to pins that are colored red for instant identification of the long range sights. The sight is also equipped with all of the other features you might expect from the top of the range Black Gold sights.

The features that make Black Gold sights so popular include the Black Gold SkyCoil to draw in a maximum amount of light to the pins, a PhotoChromatic shell for greater viewing clarity, a bright white outline around the peep and the Inch Wheel micro adjustment

When you sit the original Red Zone next to the Red Zone HD the difference in the bases are immediately obvious. The circular Rex Zone base with the finished edges has been replaced by the HD base that is now open at the ends in a dovetail shape to distribute the weight more evenly.

We have a range of the Black Gold FlashPoint Red Zone bow sights for sale below with the variety of pin configurations to choose from.

Buy A Black Gold FlashPoint Red Zone Bow Sight

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Product Specifications

Design: HD Direct Mount
Material: 6061 T6 machined aluminum
Adjustment: Micro-adjustable; inch wheel individual pin
Pins: 5 or 7 FiberTrack™ machined, all-metal, Micro Dot (.019)
Finish: Black or Anodized Camo

What the customers say

“I have a Redzone. So far no cons. Very durable, pins brightness adjust to conditions and very easy to adjust pins - both all together and separately.”

“I have one I just took off my backup bow because I sold the bow. The sight is a great sight. As an earlier post said, two pins the same color can cause a problem.”

“MBG makes a very solid sight. Its probably the brightest pins out there in my opinion. The photochromatic cover is awesome for keeping your pins from getting a halo or star bursting effect in the brighter hours of the day. They are easy to adjust also. Customer service is top notch too.”

“I have had 2 different Black Gold sights, the Flashpoint, and the flashpoint red zone. They are every bit as good as a spot hogg imo, and their customer service is unmatched. They come with an UNCONDITIONAL lifetime warranty, and I put that to the test 2 years ago.”

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