Black Gold FlashPoint Solaris Bow Sights

The Black Gold FlashPoint Solaris bow sight is a 5-pin bow sight built into a compact frame giving the shooter a highly adjustable sight that enhances vision in multiple ways. The adjustment may be achieved through the micro adjustable knobs that are easy to access. The newer version of this sight is the Solaris HD which features an improved base for an even more stable sight.

The sight is a 5-pin sight and the pins are FiberTrack all-metal pins for greater durability. In order to gather the maximum available light for high visibility, the sight features the Black Gold SkyCoil technology and that is joined by the PhotChromatic to improve the clarity of the sight window. The built in level at the bottom of the sighting window helps with accuracy too.

We have a range of the Black Gold FlashPoint Solaris bow sights for sale below with the variety of pin configurations to choose from.

Buy A Black Gold FlashPoint Solaris Bow Sight

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Product Specifications

Design: HD Direct Mount
Material: 6061 T6 machined aluminum
Adjustment: Micro-adjustable; inch wheel individual pin
Pins: 5 Slim STEEL pins, Micro Dot (.019)
Finish: Black or Anodized Camo

What the customers say

“This sight is awsome , very acurate , very easy to set up would definetly recomend this product to every serious archer”

“If you are on the fence right now on which sight to go with I strongly urge you to at least look at either the the flashpoint redzone series or the flashpoint solaris. Both are without a doubt the best build sights on the market. Yes I mean the best. The adjustment on them is simple and precise. The pins are always the the same brightness due to the uv shade cover that turns purple with high uv exposure and clear later in the evening.”

“Buy the Flashpoint Solaris sight from Black Gold. Do your research, I promise you will not find a brighter sight. That thing glows bright and has a lifetime warranty. The man told me unlimited warranty, drop from tree or burnt in a fire or run over it will be replaced.”

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