BowTech 101st Airborne Compound Bow

The BowTech 101st Airborne compound bow is named in honor of the air assault division of the United States Army. This division was also nicknamed the "Screaming Eagles" known for the way in which the eagle would come out of the sky like a thunderbolt to crush its enemies. That's the kind of power and force this bow is meant to evoke when it is fired.

The bow is a typical BowTech outline with the sleek lines that are typical of the company bows. The riser is forged from lightweight T6 aluminum. As for the eccentrics, the 3rd generation Binary Cam system ensures a smooth draw while unleashing tremendous power. The binary system ensures that the entire system works together as a single unit.

This is a bow that may be a little longer than you are used to but it is a smooth drawing boiw through the complete cycle and it is made for accuracy as well as great power. If you can still find yourself one around at the moment - and there are plenty available - you would be well advised to get hold of one and try it out.

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Bowtech 101st Airborne 70 29 LH 326 FPS RealTree Hardwoods Finish
Bowtech 101st Airborne 70 29 LH 326 FPS RealTree Hardwoods Finish
Time Remaining: 4d 23h 46m

Bow Features :

Binary Cam system
VFT parallel limb design
Roller Guard

BowTech 101st Airborne Bow Specs

Draw Weights : 60-70 lbs
Draw Lengths : 27.5-31.5"
Axle to Axle : 36.25"
Brace Height : 7-1/4"
Effective Let Off : 65-80%
IBO Speed : 332-340 fps

Tuning Your BowTech Compound Bow

If you need help tuning your Bowtech 101st Airborne compound bow you should visit the Bowtech website where the Owner’s Manuals are available for download along with other manuals that will be able to provide you with all of the help you require no matter what year your bow was released. Visit the Documents and Manuals part of the Bowtech site here.

What they’re saying about the BowTech 101st Airborne

The 101st is fast. The draw is a little tough and the bow made a loud thud after the shot. General was slow compared to the 101st. It was very smooth to draw and quiet.


The limbs are solid limb and the limb pockets are different. There is not a single point top or bottom where limb contacts riser without a nylon, teflon, or rubber bushing or washer. I think that contributes to the overall feel of the shot and was likely designed with all of that in mind. There is not one limb saver on the limbs.

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