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BowTech Archery began life when John Strasheim and a partner had some ideas on how the archery industry could be improved with new technology. The company was not going to be getting into the bow production side of things, but that soon changed in 2000 with the production of the Black Knight. This bow was billed as the fastest bow in the world and sales took off from there.

The new 2016 compound bow releases have been announced and the full line-up can be seen here.

It didn’t take long for BowTech to expand with the acquisition of Diamond Archery in 2004. It’s with Diamond Archery that the company produces some of the best single cam bows on the market.

The technological advancements that began the company’s life also continued with a unique dipping facility to apply ink design to the bows. This was then followed by the creation of BowTech’s Binary Cam System which has since been applied to all BowTech compound bows.

Another BowTech innovation is the Center Pivot riser technology that has been put into the company’s Guardian and Commander bows.

BowTech is a leading manufacturer of compound bows that continues to expand in both the bows that are being brought onto the market and the accessories that back the bows up. The compound bows produced by the company cater for all styles and experience levels and testing out a few should pay handsome dividends  so it would pay to keep a close eye on the newer release Bowtech bows that hit the market each year.

Listed below is a sample of the compound bows that are available from BowTech Archery. Further down the page is a listing of all of the individual BowTech compound bows that have been examined and offered for sale

BowTech Compound Bows For Sale

2011 Bowtech Invasion CPX
2011 Bowtech Invasion CPX
$350.00 (6 Bids)
Time Remaining: 1h 25m
bowtech compound bow right hand
bowtech compound bow right hand
Time Remaining: 3h 8m
2018 Bowtech Realm X Compound Bow RH 60 GORGEOUS Black 29 30 27 Realm X
2018 Bowtech Realm X Compound Bow RH 60 GORGEOUS Black 29 30 27 Realm X
Time Remaining: 4h 4m
Right Hand Bowtech Reign 6 60 70 25 31 Kryptek Raid Compound Bow
Right Hand Bowtech Reign 6 60 70 25 31 Kryptek Raid Compound Bow
$620.00 (43 Bids)
Time Remaining: 4h 42m
BowTech Diamond Regulator From Cabelas
BowTech Diamond Regulator From Cabelas
Time Remaining: 16h 23m
Buy It Now for only: $399.00
Bowtech Reign 6 RH Compound Bow w Accessories  Hard Case FE2030457
Bowtech Reign 6 RH Compound Bow w Accessories Hard Case FE2030457
$710.00 (2 Bids)
Time Remaining: 16h 36m

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BowTech Compound Bow Models - Information and Sales

BowTech Reign 6
The Bowtech Reign 6 compound bow is part of a double act for Bowtech Archery in the 2017 season. The other half is the Reign 7 and the significance of the numbers is the size of the brace height for each bow. With the shorter brace height of the two, the Reign 6 has a faster speed rating at 350 fps.
BowTech Reign 7
The Bowtech Reign 7 compound bow is the slightly larger of the new flagship bows in the Bowtech range for the 2017 season. The bow is packed with all of the best possible technological features designed by the company to make it as tunable as possible and will provide the capability of shooting up to 340 fps.
Bowtech BT-X 28 BowTech BT-X 28
The Bowtech BT-X 28 compound bow is part of a duo of flagship bows released by the company for the 2016 season, the other being the BT-X 31. The bow is compact but powerful and has been created to suit the treestand or the ground shooter.
 Bowtech BT-X 31 BowTech BT-X 31
The Bowtech BT-X 31 compound bow is part of a duo of flagship bows released by the company for the 2016 season, the other being the BT-X 28. This is the slightly larger and more powerful bow of the pair and will suit the larger framed shooter who shoots from the ground.
Bowtech Prodigy BowTech Prodigy
The Bowtech Prodigy compound bow introduces PowerShift Technology, a new piece of technology to give you greater versatility in the shooting styles available. The bow is fast accurate and smooth from the start of the draw to release.
 Bowtech RPM 360 BowTech RPM 360
The BowTech RPM 360 compound bow represents the newest top end speed bow from the Bowtech stables and is the fastest bow produced by the company.  The bow is packed with a swathe of new designs
 Bowtech Carbon Overdrive BowTech Carbon Overdrive
The Bowtech Carbon Overdrive has been created as a hunting bow that provides great speed with minimal weight. The bow makes use of carbon fiber technology for strength to power ratio that is difficult to match.
Bowtech Carbon Knight BowTech Carbon Knight
The Bowtech Carbon Knight compound bow introduces a new concept in the construction of lightweight compound bows with the forged carbon composite technology in the riser.
Bowtech Carbon Icon BowTech Carbon Icon
The Bowtech Carbon Icon compound bow is a great piece of value for money technology. With features such as Bowtech's Powershift technology and the lightweight carbon riser.
 Bowtech Carbon Rose BowTech Carbon Rose
The Bowtech Carbon Rose compound bow is the lightest women’s bow that is available in 2014 weighing in at only 3.2 lbs. The bow makes use of the latest in carbon fiber technology with the Knight Riser for a smooth draw and impressive power.
Bowtech Fuel BowTech Fuel
The Bowtech Fuel compound bow has been released during 2014 as a bow that is designed to suit all levels of shooting capabilities, no matter how big or small, young or old the shooter may be.
BowTech Invasion
The BowTech Invasion compound bow was released by the BowTech Archery Company with the innovative new feature known as Center Pivot Extreme (CPX) technology as a means of producing a much greater level of accuracy while also providing the opportunity for an addition of speed.
  BowTech Insanity CPX
The BowTech Insanity CPX compound bow has been released for the 2012 season as a seriously smooth and silently shooting bow that is also blessed with tremendous speed.
  BowTech Insanity CPXL
The BowTech Insanity CPXL compound bow is another of the bows released for the 2012 season and it has been fitted with the same features of the standard Insanity but has been loaded onto a larger frame.
Bowtech Fanatic BowTech Fanatic
The Bowtech Fanatic compound bow is designed from the ground up to be the standard in archery. This bow features a shoot through riser, making it ideal for competition use. But this is also a great hunting bow.
 BowTech Experience BowTech Experience
The BowTech Experience compound bow has started with the technology that has ensured the company is one of the most respected in the industry and then added to it to create the smoothest and most forgiving bow possible.
BowTech Specialist
The BowTech Specialist compound bow is a specialized target bow that has been loaded with features that have helped make BowTech one of the most respected names in the archery business.
 Bowtech Destroyer LE BowTech Destroyer LE
The Bowtech Destroyer LE compound bow is the Limited Edition version of the immensely popular original Destroyer 350. This is a bow that is ideal for bow hunting but can be used just as effectively as a 3D bow.
Bowtech Destroyer 350 BowTech Destroyer 350
The BowTech Destroyer 350 compound bow is new for 2010 and according to the company it was primarily designed for its accuracy and shock free firing. It just so happens that the bow is also a powerful bow and the 350 reflects the top end estimated speed.
Bowtech Destroyer 340 BowTech Destroyer 340
In celebrating the BowTech's 10th anniversary the company has released a bunch of quality bows including the Destroyers. The BowTech Destroyer 340 compound bow has been released next to its twin, the Destroyer 350 and like the slightly faster bow this is a balanced bow that delivers arrows at great speed.
BowTech Captain BowTech Captain
The BowTech Captain compound bow has become popular as a hunting bow that provides a smooth shot delivered quietly and with precision. The Center Pivot technology has been incorporated into this bow as well as two other bows in the BowTech line-up, namely the Admiral and the Sentinel.
Bowtech Sentinel FLX BowTech Sentinel FLX
The BowTech Sentinel FLX compound bow is an impressive hunting or target bow that has been designed with a new concept the company has labelled Center Pivot Technology. The bow has also been made using the FLX-Guard technology, a cable containment system that allows the guard to flex inwards when the bow is drawn.
  BowTech Heartbreaker
The BowTech Heartbreaker compound bow was designed specifically for the female shooter with thought given to the weight of the bow as well as the draw length and draw weight.
Bowtech Brigadier BowTech Brigadier
The BowTech Brigadier compound bow is the bow in the Bowtech range with the longest axle to axle at over 40 inches long. The bow is equipped with a traditional roller guard and uses the CenterTrac Binary synchronized dual cam system.
Bowtech Swat BowTech SWAT
The bow from the BowTech range that has quickly become known as the smoothest drawing Binary cam bow, the SWAT has a rounded cam that is non-aggressive and has synchronized dual cams.
Bowtech The General BowTech The General
The BowTech General compound bow was released in 2008 and was one of the leading lights in the BowTech range. It has since been taken over by the 2010 range of bows that have snapped onto the market with great fanfair.
Bowtech Guardian BowTech Guardian
The BowTech Guardian compound bow was released by the BowTech company in 2007 as a bow that was going to provide the ultimate bowhunting experience combining the values of the company’s new center pivot technology and CenterTrac binary systems.
Bowtech Commander BowTech Commander
The BowTech Commander compound bow was released by the BowTech company in 2007 using the new center pivot technology but placed on a bow that had a much longer configuration.
Bowtech Air Raid BowTech Air Raid
The BowTech Air Raid compound bow is a powerful bow that features a long riser that has been paired with short limbs to ensure added stability when making the shot. The idea of this bow is to create a forgiving package with an attempt to combat noise and vibration.
Bowtech 82nd Airborne BowTech 82nd Airborne
The BowTech 82nd Airborne compound bow is a speed machine that has advertised speed of up to 350fps. In order to prolong the life of the cables the bow has been fitted with an upgraded roller cable guard.
Bowtech 101st Airborne BowTech 101st Airborne
The BowTech 101st Airborne compound bow is named in honor of the air assault division of the United States Army. This division was also nicknamed the "Screaming Eagles" known for the way in which the eagle would come out of the sky like a thunderbolt to crush its enemies.
Bowtech Constitution BowTech Constitution
The BowTech Constitution compound bow is a target bow that has been touted as the most pinpoint accurate bow in the BowTech range. If your thing is shooting lots of arrows accurately at targets then the BowTech Constitution will be exactly what you are looking for. This is a smooth and accurate bow.
Bowtech Allegiance BowTech Allegiance
The BowTech Allegiance compound bow has been part of the BowTech line up for a number of years, at least since 2005, and during that time it has seen improvements made to it. It started out with the new Binary Cam System, then it had a riser improvement for greater comfort.
BowTech Assassin BowTech Assassin
The BowTech Assassin compound bow is a hunting bow that has been designed as a fast, quiet and lightweight machine that will outperform the majority of the comparable bows on the market. It is a low-cost option that is fully Ready-to-Hunt.
Bowtech Admiral BowTech Admiral FLX
The BowTech Admiral FLX is one of the leading bows in the BowTech line. It is an extremely quiet bow that is also compact and easy to carry when on the move. It is a fully adjustable bow with a solid back wall and has characteristics that give it great shootability.
Bowtech Equalizer BowTech Equalizer
The BowTech Equalizer compound bow is a short draw bow that will suit the shooters of a smaller stature. This is a bow that has been particularly popular with the women shooters. The binary cam system was designed for the Equalizer so that it would not be anchored to any part of the bow.
  BowTech Patriot
The BowTech Patriot compound bow was a regular release in the Bowtech range and it started out as a popular bow that continued to improve with each successive release.
BowTech Sniper BowTech Sniper
The BowTech Sniper compound bow is a hunting bow that has been designed with the goal of providing serious hunters with a powerful bow in a small sized price bracket.
BowTech TomKat BowTech TomKat
The idea behind the BowTech TomKat compound bow is to provide a bow that gives you a sleekness that is reminiscent of a feline’s qualities. This means a feeling of stealth and coiled power that is waiting to be unleashed on its prey.
  BowTech Tribute
The BowTech Tribute compound bow was first released in 2006 and featured the BowTech binary cam system. In the case of the Tribute the cam system had changed slightly with a sleeker looking design and an option in the type of cam you can choose.
BowTech Black Knight
The Bowtech Black Knight compound bow was first introduced to the world in 2000 as the fledgling compound bow manufacturer announced itself with the “fastest bow in the world”.

Here's a brief video showing how a BowTech bow is made.

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