Bowtech Brigadier Compound Bow

The BowTech Brigadier compound bow is the bow in the Bowtech range with the longest axle to axle at over 40 inches long. The bow is equipped with a traditional roller guard and uses the CenterTrac Binary synchronized dual cam system. This is a bow that competitive target archers will be using to mark their mark with consistent shooting.

The bow has been made to be as vibration free as possible and the center pivot limbs means that there is great strength in the limbs without any horizontal torque or vibration.

The Brigadier also features a carbon rod string suppressor, roller cable guard, fully machined riser and shelf, adjustable let off, in velvet and vertical force technology to a create balanced energy release.

BowTech Brigadier FLX Compound Bow For Sale

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Bow Features :

CenterTrac Binary Cam system
Second Generation Center Pivot
Rotating Mod System
Carbon Rod String Stop

BowTech Sentinel Bow Specs

Draw Weights : 40-70 lbs
Draw Lengths : 25 - 30"
Axle to Axle : 40"
Brace Height : 8"
Effective Let Off : 65-80%
IBO Speed : 307-315 fps

Tuning Your BowTech Compound Bow

If you need help tuning your Bowtech Brigadier compound bow you should visit the Bowtech website where the Owner’s Manuals are available for download along with other manuals that will be able to provide you with all of the help you require no matter what year your bow was released. Visit the Documents and Manuals part of the Bowtech site here.

What they’re saying about the BowTech Brigadier

Bowtech Brigadier Compound Bow Target is a very accurate bow with a lot of length and stability. Speed is not that high and it takes a while for the arrow to get off the bow (typical bowtech) so follow through is a must. Not real quiet and has a small recoil.


The Brigadier should make a good finger bow as it replaced the Constitution as BT's target bow. Im unsure if the draw stops are adjustable on the Brig but if they are you can adjust your let off somewhat.

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