Bowtech BT-X 31 Compound Bow

Bowtech BT-X 31The Bowtech BT-X 31 compound bow is part of a duo of flagship bows released by the company for the 2016 season, the other being the BT-X 28. This is the slightly larger and more powerful bow of the pair and will suit the larger framed shooter who shoots from the ground. The bow is a speed bow that has been built with a raft of features to provide plenty of power along with outstanding comfort and customization.

As the name of the bow suggests the maximum draw length of the bow is 31 inches. With a quite compact axle to axle frame, the bow represents a tremendously powerful shooter in a small package.

Featuring the Bowtech Overdrive Binary Cams for superior tuning and consistency it is an even more adjustable system thanks to the inclusion of the Micro Sync Dial. This enables the shooter to precisely tune the bow.

The bow also uses the new innovation from the 2015 season, the PowerShift Technology. This provides the shooter an amazing amount of versatility. By moving a PowerDisc it is possible to customise the shooting experience, giving you the option of shooting in Classic setting, Comfort setting or Performance setting. In effect, you’re getting three bows in one.

The BT-X has been designed with the FLX-Guard cable-containment system to reduce torque and increased accuracy and speed capabilities are made possible through the Center Pivot Extreme technology.

Carbon Core Limbs means that the bow has durability and increased efficiencies over other bows in its class.

The bow is available in Kryptek Highlander, Kryptek Typhoon, Black Ops, Mossy Oak Break-Up Country or Realtree Xtra Green finishes.

Take a look at the selection of Bowtech BT-X 28 compound bows that have been provided for sale below. For a full list of features and bow specs you can find them further down the page.

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Right Hand Bowtech BT X 31 50 60 Highlander Camo 27 31 Compound Bow
Right Hand Bowtech BT X 31 50 60 Highlander Camo 27 31 Compound Bow
$360.55 (19 Bids)
Time Remaining: 1d 17h 40m
Bowtech BT X Compound Bow Kryptek Highlander 31 RH 70
Bowtech BT X Compound Bow Kryptek Highlander 31 RH 70
Time Remaining: 25d 17h 19m
Buy It Now for only: $800.00
NEW 2017 Bowtech BT X 31 Black Compound Bow RH 27 31 50 60lb
NEW 2017 Bowtech BT X 31 Black Compound Bow RH 27 31 50 60lb
Time Remaining: 26d 15h 48m
Buy It Now for only: $699.99

Bow Features :

Overdrive Binary Cams
Skeletal Riser
Micro Sync Dial
Carbon Core Limbs
Center Pivot Extreme
Carbon Rod String Stop

BowTech BT-X 28 Bow Specs

Draw Weights: 50, 60, 70, 80
Draw Length: 27-31”
Axle to Axle: 31”
Brace Height: 6.25”
Mass Weight: 4.2 lbs
Effective Let-Off: 80%
IBO Speed: 350 fps

Shown below is the video released by Bowtech Archery to explain the PowerShift Technology and how you go about changing from one setting to the next.

The BT-X was released for the 2016 season. Here is the entire listing of 2016 Bowtech compound bows. For a listing of all bows that have been released for the 2016 season you should also take a look at the 2016 Bow Releases and Specifications page.

What they're saying in the forums about the BowTech BT-X 31

While the brace heights are around 6".........looking at the riser geometry on this bow will show you that it has nearly no reflex in the riser design. You can't see this at face value, but the limb pockets are also 1/4" wider. The CPX design is a bit longer on this one as well which is what contributes to the nearly zero reflex riser design.


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