BowTech Tribute Compound Bow

The BowTech Tribute compound bow was first released in 2006 and featured the BowTech binary cam system. In the case of the Tribute the cam system had changed slightly with a sleeker looking design and an option in the type of cam you can choose. It is possible to buy the Tribute fitted with either a speed cam or a smooth cam, in either case you are left with a bow that was blessed with great speed with the difference in the way the draw weight increased in the first part of the draw cycle.

As for the other parts of the Tribute, the riser is made from forged 6061-T6 aluminum and the parallel limbs hold the key to the speed capabilities of the bow. The parallel nature of the limbs also means there is less torque upon release and hand shock is kept to a minimum.

There have been many enthusiastic reports from those who have bought and used the Tribute with many still saying today that they would not swap it for any new bow. This is high praise indeed considering the recent technological advances in the way compound bows are made.

Buy A BowTech Tribute Compound Bow

Bowtech Tribute 70 Compound Bow Right Hand Set Up
Bowtech Tribute 70 Compound Bow Right Hand Set Up
$199.99 (1 Bid)
Time Remaining: 4d 10h 6m

Bowtech Tribute LH70 285 Draw Compound Bow W Accessories 349 Free Shipping
Bowtech Tribute LH70 285 Draw Compound Bow W Accessories 349 Free Shipping
Time Remaining: 9d 1h 53m
Buy It Now for only: $319.95

BOWTECH TRIBUTE 60 Lbs Right Handed Compound Bow with Extras FREE SHIPPING
BOWTECH TRIBUTE 60 Lbs Right Handed Compound Bow with Extras FREE SHIPPING
Time Remaining: 22d 3h 34m
Buy It Now for only: $399.99

Time Remaining: 26d 40m
Buy It Now for only: $300.00

Bow Features :

Binary Cam System
Parallel Limbs
6061-T6 Aluminum Riser

BowTech Tribute Bow Specs

Draw Weights : 60-80lbs
Draw Lengths : 26.5-30.5"
Axle to Axle : 31-1/2"
Brace Height : 7.75"
Mass Weight : 4.2 lbs
Effective Let Off : 65, 80%
IBO Speed : 320-328 fps

Tuning Your BowTech Compound Bow

If you need help tuning your Bowtech Specialist compound bow you should visit the Bowtech website where the Owner’s Manuals are available for download along with other manuals that will be able to provide you with all of the help you require no matter what year your bow was released. Visit the Documents and Manuals part of the Bowtech site here.

What they're saying in the forums about the BowTech Specialist

good bow is an understatement ... one of the best Bowtech bows ever made .... only second to the new destroyer line in my opinion.


The tribute is definitely one of the best bows ever made! I've got my D350 and the Tribute. They are the best i've ever shot. Do not wait to get it!


I have an 06 Tribute. I bought it with the speed mods. in place and shot it like that for awhile. The draw cycle was very aggressive with let off coming at the very end of the cycle (somewhat abrupt). it wasn't a bad thing, just took some time to adjust to it. Yesterday I went to the shop and had the smooth mod. installed for comparison and shot it awhile. My Tribute went from being a great shooter, to a really, really great shooter. The difference was astronomical as far as the smoothness of the draw cycle. I know there is like an 8 fps difference(smooth being slower) but man it makes this bow even sweeter to shoot. Word of advice is: If you are considering this bow, make sure you shoot it with both modules, as there is quite a bit of difference.


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