Browning Grand Illusion Compound Bow

Browning Grand IllusionThe Browning Grand Illusion holds the title as the fastest bow that has been released by Browning Archery. According to the Browning release notes it is also an incredibly smooth and accurate bow to shoot.

When the Browning Grand Illusion was first released it was a new concept in bow design. It was built using 12 inch split limbs and a new MegaFast Cam system enabling it to produce 330 fps IBO speed. As much as the company were thrilled with the speed generated by the bow it's the ultra smooth and vibration free design that is considered the best feature.

The bow comes with a 7 inch brace height and Hypersplit limb pockets and is a high performing hunting bow that suits hunters who are after speed in their performance bows.

The Browning Grand Illusion maintains the classic Browning look that has already made the company one that is popular with a wide range of archers and the bow operation is as reliable as ever.

It is still possible to find some cheap Browning Grand Illusion compound bows if you are prepared to look for them.

Browse through the various Browning Grand Illusion compound bows that have been displayed for sale below. You will also find a list of bow features further down the page as well as the bow specifications to give you a good idea of the type of bow that is being reviewed and offered here.

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Bow Features:

12" split limbs;
Vibracheck vibration dampeners;
Hyperlite pivoting limb pockets;
Checkered wood grip;
MegaFast cam system

Browning Grand Illusion Specs

Draw Weight: 70#
Brace Height: 7”
Axle-to-Axle: 35-1/8”
Mass Weight: 4.0 lbs.
Draw Length: 26”-30”
Let-Off: 70% Effective 60% Actual
IBO Speed: 322 - 330 fps

What They're Saying About the Browning Grand Illusion

Cant get Grand Illusion in target colors yet. But, the draw is smooth.. I mean smooth. Very nice valley. The cycle doesnt ramp up as hard as you might think.


Look at the grand illusion it is styled like the Mossy Oak X bow which is putting out some speed .

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