Browning Mirage Compound Bow

Browning MirageThe Browning Mirage compound bow is a neat, compact bow that features past parallel limbs. It is a smooth shooting powerhouse that delivers arrows with little or no shock. One of the common words that keeps cropping up when talking about the Mirage is "forgiving".

The Browning Mirage is equipped with the famous Browning Trance cam system giving it the capability of unleashing at over 300 fps. It is a bow that is nicely suited to treestand hunters.

Further features have been added to the bow to give it silent operation, precise limb alignment and great reliability. With an axle-to-axle measurement coming in under 30 inches, this is one very compact bow that is designed to go anywhere through all kinds of tight places.

The Browning Mirage compound bow may be getting on a bit in age but there is no denying the reliability of the bow. It's a dependable workhorse that is a joy to shoot.

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browning Ballistic Mirage 6T6 compound bow
browning Ballistic Mirage 6T6 compound bow
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browning ballistic mirage compound bow
browning ballistic mirage compound bow
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Bow Features:

Trance TM cam;
Past parallel limb design;
Hyperlite unibody limb pockets;
Asymmetric 4-1/2" idler wheel

Browning Mirage Specs

Draw Weight: 60 - 70 lbs
Brace Height: 7-11/16”
Axle-to-Axle: 29-7/8”
Mass Weight: 4.1 lbs.
Draw Length: 27”-30”
Let-Off: 80% Effective 65% Actual
IBO Speed: 305 - 315 fps

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