Browning X-Cellerator Compound Bow

Browning X-CelleratorThe Browning X-Cellerator compound bow was released in the 1980s and was one of the top line hunting bows of its time. It is a wood riser bow and was smooth, fast for its day and light. Compared to the bows that were produced around that period the X-Cellerator was one of the shortest compound bows available. This is not to say the bow is a short one and when it is compared to the compound bows available today it is quite large at 43-1/2” long.

What can be appreciated is the brace height which measures over 8" and promises to give the shooter an extremely accurate and forgiving shot. This, of course, also translates to a slower top end speed than what many people would find acceptable. These days the speed of the bow is considerably slower than the powerful compound bows that are made today but they will be useful for hunting birds and small game or as a bowfishing rig.

The X-Cellerator was released in a number of different guises from the original X-Cellerator to the Super X-Cellerator and the later Ultra X-Cellerator. The later versions of the bow were created to be more sturdy through the riser to increase the bow's reliability under stress.

The Browning X-Cellerator compound bow was a leading hunting bow that was highly regarded when it was first released. It still upholds the desirable qualities in todays compound bows and would provide a hunter with a more than reliable backup compound bow.

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Browning Super X cellerator Atcbia Wood Bow Carbon Impact Arrows
Browning Super X cellerator Atcbia Wood Bow Carbon Impact Arrows
Time Remaining: 7d 19h 55m
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Bow Features:

Wooden Riser
Wood/Fiberglass Laminated Limbs
Radial Plus TM cam system

Browning X-Cellerator Specs

Draw Weight: 45 - 70 lbs
Draw Length: 28" - 32"
Brace Height: 8-7/8"
Axle-to-Axle: 44”
Mass Weight: n.a.
Let-Off: 50%
IBO Speed: n.a.

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