Carter Back Strap Release

Carter Back Strap ReleaseThis Carter Back Strap Release review explains some of the features of the release, instructional tips about how to use it. It may also be possible to buy the release - check below for details.

The Carter Back Strap release is a back tension release that fires when a certain amount of poundage is reached during the draw. It has been designed for the competitive target shooters. It is a wrist strap release that will be perfect for the target shooter as well as the hunter.

This bow release has been designed to minimise the type of torque at the moment of release that a hand held release might generate. The Back Strap comes with the Scott Archery Buckle Strap. The trigger of this release acts like a safety rather than a firing pin and can be flicked on when setting up during the draw cycle. When full draw is reached the safety is released. When the bow is in the valley you simply take your finger off the safety and build pressure until the release fires.

Details At A Glance

Index Finger Safety
ITS Magnet System
Adjustable with 3/32 hex key
Springs kit included

The Carter Back Strap along with the labeled components can be seen at the bottom of this page to help you get a better idea of how and where its features are positioned.

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Carters Backstrap Release NIP Free Shipping
Carters Backstrap Release NIP Free Shipping
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Instructional Tips

The release may be adjusted to either create more tension (turning the key in the adjustment hole clockwise) or less tension (counter clockwise). The factory setting for the Back Strap is roughly 15 pounds with the maximum holding weight being 24 pounds.

The hasp may be closed by pushing down on the jaw until it snaps into the closed position. When it has been hooked onto the D-loop pressure is applied on the safety until it is completely depressed. Keep the index finger on the safety while drawing the bow and settling into the anchor. Once the bow is aimed at the target release the index finger from the safety.

Carter Back Strap with Labels

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