Carter Evolution Release

This Carter Evolution Release review explains some of the features of the release, instructional tips about how to use it. It may also be possible to buy the release - check below for details.

The Carter Evolution release is a resistance activated release that is available in either a 3 finger or 4 finger model. This type of release is helpful to the shooter because it promotes the proper shot execution. The process of triggering the release through any increase in poundage for activation takes out a lot of the actions that would cause an inexperienced shooter to twist or move their bow in an effort to shoot. The latest version of this model is now known as the Evolution Plus.

The process of using the Evolution is extremely simple. The firing process begins with the application of the safety as you start to pull back the bowstring. When you have reached the valley you can then release the safety with your thumb and then pull back to increase the pressure until the release automatically triggers. The inexperienced shooter need do nothing more than continue through the draw process to fire the bow.

If shooting a higher poundage bow, 70 pounds or higher, it would be more advisable to use the 4 finger release to help spread the load. Lighter draw weights will suit the 3 finger release although the 4 finger release would be similarly suitable too.

Details At A Glance

Resistance Activated release
Simple safety switch
3 finger or 4 finger models

The Carter Evolution Plus along with the labeled components can be seen at the bottom of this page to help you get a better idea of how and where its features are positioned.

Buy A Carter Evolution Release

Carter Evolution Release 4 Finger
Carter Evolution Release 4 Finger
Time Remaining: 1d 5h 57m
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$125.00 (1 Bid)
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Carter Evolution Plus Three Finger Release 3 Finger Tension
Carter Evolution Plus Three Finger Release 3 Finger Tension
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Carter Evolution Release 3
Carter Evolution Release 3
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Carter Evolution Plus 4 finger
Carter Evolution Plus 4 finger
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Carter Evolution Release 4 Finger RBEV5126
Carter Evolution Release 4 Finger RBEV5126
Time Remaining: 17d 6h 45m
Buy It Now for only: $198.78


Instructional Tips

The Evolution is set with an initial holding weight of around 19 pounds. To increase the holding weight you must turn the 3/32 hex key clockwise. It is recommended that full turns of the hex key are made to properly change the holding weight – this is not something that requires micro adjustments. The maximum holding weight that the Evolution can be adjusted to is 30 pounds.

To use the Evolution you push the jaw down until it snaps into the closed position which will close the hasp. When the release is hooked to the D-loop the safety should be completely depressed with the thumb. Constant pressure must be maintained on the safety throughout the draw. Failing to hold down the safety while drawing the bow will cause the bow to fire prematurely. When the bow is aimed at the target you can release the safety which should not fire until further pressure is placed on the draw.


Components Of the Carter Evolution Plus Release

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