Carter Sensation Release

This Carter Sensaction Release review explains the main features of the release as well as some instructional tips about how to use it. It may also be possible to buy the release - check below for details.

The Carter Sensation release has developed off the sleek design of the Evolution series of releases. It is a thumb trigger release with an ergonomically shaped handle to provide the shooter with a comfortable feel in the hand. It features an open hook design and this makes it possible to quickly and quietly cock and load.

Details At A Glance

Thumb trigger release
Open Hook Design
ITS (Interchangeable Tension System) technology

The Carter Sensation along with the labeled components can be seen at the bottom of this page to help you get a better idea of how and where its features are positioned.

Buy A Carter Sensation Release

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Instructional Tips

The trigger travel of this release may be adjusted through the set screw that can be found on the thumb trigger and only requires around a quarter of a turn to reduce the trigger to the point where it has no travel.

The I.T.S. works by allowing the springs to be quickly exchanged by undoing the case screw which can be removed using a 1/16 hex key. When the first spring is removed you simply fit the desired spring back into place, close the door and replace the case screw. After the new spring has been put in place test the release by using a string tied to a stationary object before attempting to shoot with a bow.

Carter Enterprise has recommended that the Sensation be shot using back-tension form off a D-loop or release rope. When the bow is at full draw, move your bow hand toward the target and lightly pull the release hand back while resting the thumb on the trigger. This will result in a smooth firing action.


Components Of the Carter Sensation Release

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