Cobra Venom G2 Bow Sight

Cobra Venom G2 Bow SightThe Cobra Venom G2 bow sight is a compact 5 pin bow sight that features a solid all-metal body while remaining extremely lightweight. This is a fixed-pin hunting sight that will endure the rigors of  covering tough terrain without faltering. The pin spacing within the sight housing is controlled by dual angle tracks for single plane movement. It is possible to buy the sight with or without a rheostat light.

The pins are available in the standard choice of fiber diameters of .019", .029" or .039" and these choices cover a variety that depends on the diameter size. The pin choices ranging from all-metal TKO pins for the .019”, Micro TKO pins for the .029” and Ultra TKO pins for the .039” diameter fibers.

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Cobra Venom G2 Sight w Ultra TKO Pins 5 Pin 019 RH Black
Cobra Venom G2 Sight w Ultra TKO Pins 5 Pin 019 RH Black
Time Remaining: 2h 2m
Buy It Now for only: $28.25

Venom G2 Pro Features

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