Compound Bow Accessories

Buying a compound bow is only part of the process of equipping yourself properly for bowhunting or for even going out 3D shooting or target shooting. In order to ensure that you enjoy yourself fully you will want to give yourself the best chance possible of shooting accurately. Let’s face it, just about no-one shoots their bow for the sheer thrill of the arrow parting company with the bow. Everyone wants to know where their arrow has gone, has it flown straight and has it hit whatever it is that we’ve aimed it at.

There are a bunch of accessories available apart from a compound bow that will be available to buy from one or many different stores. Some of these bow accessories will be completely irrelevant to the style of shooting you are going to do. Some may be relevant but you may never have heard of them before and some of them are crucial to help you to advance to the next step.

At this point the list below is merely an overview of what is available to buy. You can find out more about each item and the range of models and brands that make them to get more of an idea of exactly which one will suit you.


A traditional archery armguard is simply a rectangle of leather that is worn on the inner arm below the elbow to protect the skin when the bowstring is released. It is possible that occasionally the string can slap the skin of the arm or your clothing and without the guard it can become quite painful and will also affect the quality of the shot.

Archery Gloves

There are a number of different types of archery gloves from the more traditional glove that consists of three leather fingertip coverings that are joined to a wrist strap by thin leather strips. More substantial gloves are also available made from deerskin that provides more substantial cover for the front and back of the hand. Find a range of archery gloves for sale.

Arrow Cases

Just as with bow cases, arrow cases are available to provide special protection for your arrows whilst they are in transit. These cases come in a range of sizes although the most common possibly hold 12 arrows. They are made to provide two features that hunters and competition shooters find essential, the first is an easy compact storage container and the second is a tough protective shell that will keep the arrows in perfect working order.

Arrow Shafts

Archers have the option of either buying their bows ready made from the store or they can make their own to their own requirements. Buying your on arrow shafts gives you the first raw materials necessary for making your own arrows and they are available in wood, aluminum, carbon or fibreglass.

We have gone into far greater depth about the various different types of arrow shafts that are in common use by hunters and target shooters alike as well as the various benefits for using one over the other. This information can be found on the arrows page.

Arrow Vanes

An important part of ensuring the consistent flight of your arrows is with the inclusion of vanes on the arrow shaft. These vanes are inexpensive pieces of equipment but it is important to get good quality ones both for their durability and for their effectiveness in assisting with the flight of the arrow. One of the most trusted names in the industry is VaneTec, a maker of very durable and high quality vanes.

Arrow Nocks

The point of the arrow is the business end where all the damage is going to be done. At the other end is the nock and this is an important part of the arrow too. This is the part of the arrow that makes contact with the bow string as it clips in when you prepare to draw the string back. These little plastic pieces are very important for keeping the arrow steady as you prepare to shoot. Many of them are plain plastic pieces but it is also possible to buy lighted arrow nocks to assist with tracking your arrow as it is in flight and then picking it up after it has hit or missed the target.

Arrow Rests

The arrow only makes contact with the bow in a couple of places. One of those is at the end of the shaft where the nock fits into the bowstring and the other is the arrow rest. Arrow rests hold the arrow steady before the shot is taken and can have an influence on the accuracy of the shot so it is an important part of your bow's setup. Take a look at the range of arrow rests offered.

Bow Cases

You will usually get a bow case when you buy your compound bow but they are also available with additional features that are capable of holding all of your equipment and arrows. Soft and hard cases are available and will protect your bow when travelling. Take a look at the range of bow cases for sale.

Bow Sights

There is an enormous range of bow sights available from the basic peep sights that provide you with a rudimentary alignment to more precise three pin sights to the more elaborate and precise 5-pin sights and even 7-pin sights. Take a look at the entire range of bow sights available to ensure you have given yourself the best chance of taking an accurate aim. Here are some bow sights for sale.

Bow Strings

Strings can run to a certain taste with a number of different types available that some people might prefer on their bows. For most people it is likely they will stay with the strings that their bow was initially fitted with. Of course, this is not going to be possible for the life of the bow because the bow strings will eventually start to wear and when they do it will be necessary to replace them with new bow strings.


You can shoot at a range of different types of targets from the bullseye target to game outline targets and 3D targets. Why shoot at a piece of paper when you could be shooting at a strutting turkey or a wild boar target?

Further information about the various different types of hunting and competition targets available has been provided on the Types of Archery Targets page.


When you are on the move through the undergrowth you will need easy access to your arrows and a quiver that is slung over the back or hooked to the belt will provide you with the perfect carrying option. View the range of quivers for sale.

Release Aids

Rather than using the fingertips to draw back and release the bowstring it is possible to use mechanical release aids that attach to the string and can be fired with a trigger mechanism. It provides added stability upon release and can be an aid to accuracy. The design of these release aids provide a comfortable grip and operates smoothly in the draw and release process. We have a large range of bow releases for sale from some of the finest archery accessory companies.

Bow Stabilizers

Vibration control and noise reduction are very important parts of the hunting process and a bow that possesses a great deal of power can sometimes also be prone to shooting with a noisy release as the vibration causes the frame to pop. Not only that, but hand shock can be a problem with some bows. A bow stabilizer will help reducing the sudden shock of vibration that passes through the hand upon release of the arrow.

Wrist Sling

A handy way to ensure the bow stays with you as you cover terrain is to use a wrist sling. They are made of a variety of different materials to provide maximum comfort and to last without wearing unduly. Take a look at our page that examines the various wrist slings in further detail.

String Silencers

Another way to ensure the strings remain silent when they are released is by attaching little string silencers to them. They are made of a number of different types of material such as fleece, wool or rubber and they reduce vibration without affecting the shot. One of the very simple ways of quieting the noise from your bow string is to add a few Nitro Buttons, small devices that slide over the strings that not only reduce the noise but also increases the speed of the bow. Here are some more string silencers for sale.

Finger Tabs

Finger tabs are small pieces of leather that you place between the fingers that hold the bowstring. These tabs may be used instead of a glove or a release for those who like the minimalist feel of the bowstring at release.

There are many other small accessories and pieces of equipment that may become necessary as you become more involved in the sport of archery. Bow presses, tree stands, arrow rests, whisker biscuits, limb savers, arrow points, loops and nocks, wax, glues, dampeners and a host of other essential equipment big and small may all be needed at some point in your career.

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