Diamond Fugitive Compound Bow

The Diamond Fugitive compound bow is a speed bow that has been produced at a price that would be unheard of if there were a different brand name heading it. The bow makes use of the Throttle Cam system, a single cam that is capable of producing blinding speed. This is a cam that looks a little like the cam that is used on the BowTech Destroyer and Invasion bows except that the axle is on the very tips of the limb. The idea, according to Diamond Archery, is that the design is cleaner and tension is able to be distributed more evenly in the string and cable, thus eliminating creep.

The Fugitive is Ready. Aim. Kill equipped making it a bow that has been set up to be bought, picked up and used. It has also been released at a price that will make it accessible to all bow hunters looking for a strong and exceedingly powerful bow.

There is no doubt that the Diamond Archery bows are providing bow hunters with substantial firepower for minimal cost and the Fugitive supplies the power that people crave as well as the smooth efficiency that is a much rarer commodity.

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Diamond Archery Fugitive Compound Bow
Diamond Archery Fugitive Compound Bow
Time Remaining: 6d 6h 24m
Buy It Now for only: $255.00

Diamond Fugitive Bowstring and Cable Set FREE SHIPPING
Diamond Fugitive Bowstring and Cable Set FREE SHIPPING
Time Remaining: 24d 13h 11m
Buy It Now for only: $45.99

Bow Features

Throttle Cam
R.A.K Equipped Accessories
Rotating Draw Length Module
Carbon Rod String Stopper

Diamond Fugitive Bow Specs

Draw Weights : 50-60, 60-70lbs
Draw Lengths : 20-30”
Axle to Axle : 32”
Brace Height : 6-1/2”
Mass Weight : 3.8lbs
Effective Let Off : 80%
IBO Speed: 337 fps

What they are saying in the forums about the Diamond Fugitive

Draw: Smoother than the Assassin because it's a single cam
Handshock: Good, not much here
Vibration: Very little. Better than the dead eye, not as good as the Assassin
Noise: Quiet bow
Overall: Incredible performance at these price points


Out of the box accuracy it ranks in this order: Fugitive, Assassin, and Bow Madness XS. The Fugitive was by far the most accurate, out of the box! My conclusion is based substantially on accuracy. The Fugitive with zero creep, better felt let off (for my draw length 27 and weight 55#) and perfect backwall shot far better and I am willing to take a slightly less smooth draw as well as some small amount of shock to shoot a more accurate arrow. So my rank at the moment is Fugitive, Assassin, and Bow Madness XS

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