Diamond Outlaw Compound Bow

The Diamond Outlaw compound bow is equipped with a range of new features including a new Throttle Cam that has been used in a few of the new Diamond bows. The cam system is slightly different to cams that have been seen before but the result is the production of power where it counts the most.

Reports appear to be mixed over the noise generated by the bow with some people disappointed with the sound generated at release. Others claim that the bow is particularly quiet but this seems to be coming from the retailers while those who have bought and used the bow are more realistic with their summary. It appears that the bow is going to need some kind of additional noise suppression products added to it.

The Outlaw can conceivably be used as an entry level bow with a brace height of 7” and a package that will ensure that everything is supplied to get started immediately. This package is the well known R.A.K. Package that includes a Tru-Glo Apex 4 pin sight, Hostage XL arrow rest, 1 piece 5 arrow camo Ultra -Lite quiver, comfort wrist sling, alloy peep sight, and 5" ultralight stabilizer.

The Diamond Outlaw is certainly a bow to give serious consideration to. With the talk about the vibration produced when shooting it, there is definitely a case to pick it up and try it out for yourself.

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Diamond outlaw bow
Diamond outlaw bow
$78.00 (7 Bids)
Time Remaining: 15h 37m
Buy It Now for only: $400.00
Diamond Archery by BowTech OUTLAW Compound Bow NWT With Planco Case Also NWT
Diamond Archery by BowTech OUTLAW Compound Bow NWT With Planco Case Also NWT
Time Remaining: 2d 12h 45m
Diamond Outlaw
Diamond Outlaw
Time Remaining: 3d 7h 51m
diamond outlaw bow
diamond outlaw bow
Time Remaining: 9d 17h 48m
Buy It Now for only: $350.00
Diamond Archer Outlaw Bow 70lb Camo Color Message for pictures
Diamond Archer Outlaw Bow 70lb Camo Color Message for pictures
Time Remaining: 13d 4h 32m
Buy It Now for only: $340.00
Diamond Archery Bowtech Outlaw Compound Bow Fully Loaded
Diamond Archery Bowtech Outlaw Compound Bow Fully Loaded
Time Remaining: 15d 9h 2m
Buy It Now for only: $299.95

Bow Features :

Throttle Cam System
Parallel Gordon Glass imbs
Machined Aluminum Riser
Rotating Draw Length Module
Carbon String Stopper
Pivoting Limb Pockets

Diamond Outlaw Bow Specs

Draw Weights : 50-60, 60-70 lbs
Draw Lengths : 26.5-30.5"
Axle to Axle : 32"
Brace Height : 7"
Mass Weight : 3.8 lbs
Effective Let Off : 65-75%
IBO Speed : 330 fps

What they're saying in the forums about the Diamond Outlaw

You have to give up quiet and ease of draw to shoot this bow.. BUT for $499.99 ready to shoot, I sent a 387 grain arrow down range at 296fps!!!!!!! Again, it draws very heavy and then comes over a hump that makes a full capture rest a necessity.. This is followed by a .22 long rifle-esque pop upon release. It IS fast for the money and lightweight, but I'm not real sure I'm willing to give up so much to buy one.


This is the first Diamond bow I have been able to shoot, and I was very impressed with the bow. For a solocam, it has a very aggressive cam on it, but still has a smooth draw and a minimal amount of vibration.


I had the opportunity to shoot the diamond outlaw its the bow that replaced the Stud. I shot it and it was awesome to me it was like shooting the black ice instead of the stud. For an entry to mid level bow the outlaw is going to be one of the best bows out there.

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