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Elite Archery is one of the newer bow and archery accessory manufacturers in the industry having been first established in 2005. The company has had a very busy time of it in the years since it began production with ownership changing in 2007 and then it was sold to Elite Outdoors in 2009.

The bows from Elite Archery are among some of the smoothest available. The company has made use of advanced technology with the Revolution dual track binary cam system providing plenty of speed and accuracy. The bows such as the Pulse, Pure and Tour feature the patent pending two track EFX, ESX and Tour cam systems.

The Elite Archery company has provided an interesting guarantee for the owners of its compound bows. If something should happen to your bow while you are out on the hunt, a string breaks or the bow is damaged by being dry fired, as an example, Elite Archery will send a replacement bow as a loaner that will arrive the next day so you can finish your hunt. The bow will be supplied with the requested draw weight and draw length as well as a rest, sight and peep installed. Not a bad offer from a new player in the industry. The thing is they promise to get the bow to you no matter how remote the location.

Take a look at the various Elite compound bows that are available for sale. They provide another great option to choose from when looking for your next high quality power bow.

Elite Archery Compound Bows For Sale

2007 Diamond TecHunter Elite LEFT 50 60 26 30 Compound Bow Gander Mountain
2007 Diamond TecHunter Elite LEFT 50 60 26 30 Compound Bow Gander Mountain
$132.50 (26 Bids)
Time Remaining: 20h 55m
elite e 32 compound bow
elite e 32 compound bow
Time Remaining: 2d 20h 13m
Buy It Now for only: $975.00
elite answer compound bow
elite answer compound bow
Time Remaining: 5d 15h 6m
Buy It Now for only: $40.00
Grey Elite Compound Bow 3 Arrows no Tip Quiver and Extra String
Grey Elite Compound Bow 3 Arrows no Tip Quiver and Extra String
Time Remaining: 6d 12h 27m
Time Remaining: 6d 15h 19m
Buy It Now for only: $525.00
2011 Elite Pure Compound Bow Black riser Realtree AP limbs
2011 Elite Pure Compound Bow Black riser Realtree AP limbs
Time Remaining: 16d 12h 50m
Buy It Now for only: $620.00

The range of bows that are available on the market today include the four newly released 2011 compound bows to go with the existing bows from the 2010 range. The range has been designed to provide hunters with a choice of speed over accuracy or accuracy over speed with the hunter thrown in as the short frame killer. For the target shooters the highly accurate Tour provides you with all the accuracy assistance you can get.

Elite Archery Compound Bows - Information and Sales

  Elite Answer
The Elite Answer compound bow is a new bow for the 2012 season and it has been designed after taking in the suggestions and wishes of hunters who have used Elite compound bows in the past. In effect this bow is the "answer" to all of those desires and requests.
Elite Hunter
The Elite Hunter compound bow has been designed specifically to cater for the hunter. No matter whether the preference is for treestands, ground blinds or stalking the Hunter is the bow that is recommended by Elite.
  Elite Pure
The Elite Pure compound bow has been designed to provide the shooter with an accurate compound bow that relies on the stability that is provided. It is a shooting machine that going to make it possible to use in the field or on the range with equal confidence.
  Elite Pulse
The Elite Pulse compound bow is the flagship bow of the 2011 season and it is a bow that sits lightly in the hand with an immediately comfortable feel. The draw cycle is smooth and it feels stable when brought to full draw and with a deep valley and high let off it is going to appeal to a lot of people.
  Elite Z28
The Elite Z28 compound bow has been made to provide a smooth draw combined with a forgiving brace height and ending with impressive speed.
  Elite Judge
The Elite Judge compound bow is fast and it is accurate and is the type of bow a speed demon is going to want to use. Added to its speed is its relatively low level of hand shock for such a powerful bow.
  Elite GT500
The Elite GT500 compound bow will provide you with an accurate speed bow that can be used for either hunting or on 3D courses. It is a bow made with noticeably high quality materials and the workmanship stands out in the parts that are particularly well made.
  Elite Tour
The Elite Tour compound bow is a target bow that is often mentioned when the question of what the best target compound bow on the market is. Those who have used this bow remark on the smoothness of the draw and the accuracy with which it shoots
Elite XLR

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