HHA Optimizer Lite XL-5000

Featured here is the HHA Optimizer Lite Ultra XL5000 which is a single-pin bow sight that has been designed to provide the easiest possible yardage dial adjustment. The sight comes with 3 feet of fiber optic content to assist with providing the greatest pin visibility possible. The sight housing is a wide 2” to provide a greater sphere of vision.

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Sight Features

The XL-5000 features the tool free micro adjust windage that has become standard with the HHA bow sights. The precision of the shot has been assisted with the inclusion of a numbered scale from 20 to 60 yards. It is very important that a single pin bow sight can be adjusted quickly without too much fiddling around and the XL-5000 has been designed to achieve the necessary quick adjustment.

The XL-5000 features a pin sight that is slightly larger for greater location and visibility and the weight of the sight is only an ounce heavier than the smaller sights.

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