HHA Triple Threat Bow Sight

Featured here is the HHA Triple Threat bow sight, an extremely hardy sight featuring a CNC machined aluminum mount. The Triple Threat features hefty .030 sighting pins in a 2” sight housing to provide great illumination.

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Sight Features

The latest of the HHA Triple Threat bow sights has been created with a view to providing the archer with a n extremely hardy bow sight that is simple to use and easy to acquire a target with. The sight features V-Force chips that encase the fiber optics that have been calibrated to multiple ranges. This is a compact bow sight that will withstand a lot of abuse and still provide precision. The three fiber optic sight pins arranged from three different sides of the sight housing is an unusual set up but proves to also be effective.

When you have a bow sight where the housing has been encased in machined aluminum you know you have a sight that will be able to take a lot of knocks. This is the case with the Triple Threat.

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