Hoyt Alphamax 32 Compound Bow

Hoyt Alphamax 32The newly designed for 2009 Alphamax 32 compound bow has been given the tag by Hoyt as the new breed of hunting bow that is going to cater for the next generation of hunter.

The Alphamax offers a combination of a new radical design and a lightweight frame with top-end features making use of every ounce of Hoyt's latest technological advancements

The bow is powered by the modular adjustable XTR cam and 1/2 performance system. This is a powerful bow that operates with a brace height of only 7" and has been measured at speeds of over 320 fps.

A common observation about the Alphamax 32 is that it has a solid back wall that will allow the shooter to comfortably hold the bow at full draw. The draw cycle is smooth and consistent and minimal hand shock and vibration will be felt which will easily be overcome with the addition of a stabilizer.

Although not the quickest compound bow on the market it is certainly one of the smoothest and most forgiving with a compact frame that has had all of the required technological features added to it. The bow is one of the Hoyt hunting compound bows that has helped to bring the company to the head of the pack.

Browse through the various Hoyt Alphamax 32 compound bows that have been displayed for sale below. You will also find a list of bow features further down the page as well as the bow specifications to give you a good idea of the type of bow that is being reviewed and offered here.

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Camoflage Hoyt AlphaMax 32
Camoflage Hoyt AlphaMax 32
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Hoyt Alphamax 32
Hoyt Alphamax 32
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Bow Features :

Hoyt XTR Cam and 1/2 Performance;
ZT Lock Pocket System;
Split XTS Limbs
TEC Lite Riser.

Hoyt Alphamax 32 Bow Specs

Draw Weights : 40-80 lbs
Draw Lengths : 23.5-30"
Axle to Axle : 32"
Brace Height : 7"
Mass Weight : 3.9 lbs
Effective Let Off : 70%
IBO Speed : 321 fps

What they're saying about the Alphamax 32

What a well crafted machine. This thing has an awsome finish, almost like a rhino lining. They have really brought their game this year. When and if business turns I will try an Alphamax 32. Oh yeah this thing is light too.


I have one... its quiet, lite..almost to light..shoots like a dream.i ant even going to mention handshock because there is none..i bought the 60lb its max out at 63..almost wishing i bought the 70 ..still can, but, so smooth and easy to draw back theres no sense in it.


Just shoot the new alphamax 32 buy hoyt and all i can say WOW!!!! I'm old school and currently shoot a high country machine supreme.There is a night and day difference between NEW vs OLD.The bow is very smooth, NO hand shock,and the draw is really nice.

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