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Hoyt Archery is a pioneer in the manufacture of compound bows and accessories making compound bows, arrows and other shooting accessories.

One of the innovative products to come from Hoyt, and that is used by many of the Hoyt bows, is the advanced TEC riser that adds great strength and stability to the bows. This riser is also the key to the company's bows shooting with reduced vibrations which in turn increases the bow's accuracy.

The Hoyt cam system is known as the cam and 1/2 system that is actually a two cam system that is tied together so that they can't turn independently. The fact that they are tied together means that the cables won't get out of time.

The Hoyt accessories and equipment innovation are standard with Hoyt compound bows are intended to help the bows outperform other bows.

As far as weight goes, the Hoyt compound bows are generally light-weight and have an enclosed stainless steel ball bearing system that eliminates the need for lubrication all the time. It is also possible to buy these bows as part of a complete Hoyt compound bow package.

Listed below is a sample of the compound bows that are available from Hoyt Archery. Further down the page is a listing of all of the individual Hoyt compound bows that have been examined and offered for sale

Hoyt Compound Bows For Sale

Compound Bow Hoyt Gamegetter Jr
Compound Bow Hoyt Gamegetter Jr
$61.00 (4 Bids)
Time Remaining: 50m
Compound Bow 3044 Hoyt Easton Ram Hunter II Right handed
Compound Bow 3044 Hoyt Easton Ram Hunter II Right handed
Time Remaining: 1h
Hoyt Medalist Compound Bow USA 28 30 X 54 60 Reconditioned R H
Hoyt Medalist Compound Bow USA 28 30 X 54 60 Reconditioned R H
Time Remaining: 3h 27m
Buy It Now for only: $209.00
NEW 2014 Hoyt Faktor 30 Compound Bow RT Xtra Camo 26 28 60 Right Hand
NEW 2014 Hoyt Faktor 30 Compound Bow RT Xtra Camo 26 28 60 Right Hand
Time Remaining: 11h 52m
Buy It Now for only: $699.99
Hoyt Spectra 3000 compound bow
Hoyt Spectra 3000 compound bow
Time Remaining: 13h 8m
Hoyt Hyper Tech Compound Bow
Hoyt Hyper Tech Compound Bow
Time Remaining: 13h 56m

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Hoyt Compound Bow Models - Information and Sales

 Hoyt Carbon Matrix G3 Hoyt Carbon Matrix G3
The Hoyt Carbon Matrix G3 compound is the longer framed bow in Hoyt’s G3 range which uses a new high-tech design based around the extreme strength and weight saving carbon fiber frame.
Hoyt Carbon Matrix Hoyt Carbon Matrix
The Hoyt Carbon Matrix compound bow is new for 2010 and its the bow that the company hopes will help change the face of the archery industry. The bow features a new hollow carbon tube riser featuring O-Tech Technology.
 Hoyt Carbon Element G3 Hoyt Carbon Element G3
The Hoyt Carbon Element G3 compound has taken the original high-tech design based around the extreme strength and weight saving carbon fiber frame and made some improvements.
Hoyt Carbon Element Hoyt Carbon Element
The Hoyt Carbon Element represents the top of the tree when it comes to Hoyt innovation in engineering and design. The bow has been crafted using a hollow carbon tube design that is made from high-performance carbon fiber making it incredibly light.
 Hoyt Spyder 30 Hoyt Spyder 30
The Hoyt Spyder 30 compound bow is the shortest framed compound bow made by Hoyt and provides the hunter with the tremendous features that have been developed by the company and put them in a compact frame.
Hoyt Spyder 34 Hoyt Spyder 34
The Hoyt Spyder 34 compound bow uses the Spyder concept that has become one of the more popular models of hunting bows in the Hoyt line up and given it a longer frame. The Spyder 34 provides greater stability and longer draw length options for the hunter who is looking for a more stable platform.
Hoyt Spyder Turbo Hoyt Spyder Turbo
The Hoyt Spyder Turbo compound bow takes the frame and size of the Spyder 34 and has given it a boost with a shorter brace height and greater top end speed.
  Hoyt Vector 32
The Hoyt Vector 32 compound bow has been designed to provide extreme power following a smooth draw and quiet release.
Hoyt Vector 35
The Hoyt Vector 35 compound bow has been designed to provide extreme power following a smooth draw and quiet release from a slightly longer frame.
  Hoyt Vector Turbo
The Hoyt Vector Turbo compound bow takes the axle to axle frame size of the Vector 35 and gives it an extra boost of power to turbo boost the speed capabilities.
Hoyt CRX32 Hoyt CRX 32
The Hoyt CRX 32 compound bows has been designed to provide the hunter with a bow that is light and easy to handle yet sleek and powerful enough to deliver devastating force.
Hoyt CRX35 Hoyt CRX 35
The Hoyt CRX 35 compound bow is the longer framed version of the CRX 32. It is the preferred option of those who want all of the features that the CRX provides but with a slightly larger frame.
Hoyt Rampage
The Hoyt Rampage compound bow is the hunting compound bow for the budget conscious shooter. This is a bow that has been equipped with all of the features that any serious hunter would expect
 Hoyt Charger Hoyt Charger
The Hoyt Charger compound bow hits the market as the new high-performance compound bow that will suit the budget-conscious.
Hoyt Maxxis 35 Hoyt Maxxis 35
Giving you the same performance that you would expect with the Maxxis 31, the The Hoyt Maxxis 35 compound bow delivers a quality hunting bow in a longer, 35" design.
Hoyt Maxxis 35 Hoyt Maxxis 31
The Hoyt Maxxis 31 compound bow has been touted by the Hoyt company as the new premiere hunting bow in the Hoyt range taking over from the AlphaMax bows.
Hoyt Alphaburner Hoyt Alphaburner
The Hoyt Alphaburner compound bow is the new power bow in the Hoyt line-up. This is a scorching new speed bow that will match it with some of the heaviest hitters on the market.
Hoyt Vicxen Hoyt Vicxen
The Hoyt Vicxen compound bow is the latest hunting bow released by the Hoyt company and this one is part of the Vicki Ciancarlo signature series. It is a target bow that has been aimed specifically at women.
Hoyt Turbohawk Hoyt Turbohawk
The Hoyt Turbohawk compound bow is a new lightweight bow that is part of the Hawk Series of bows. It fills the need for a bow that won’t tire the arms of the lighter framed shooter but it allows you the accuracy and luxury of a super silent shot.
  Hoyt Vtec
The Hoyt Vtec compound bow was the flagship bow in the Hoyt range for the 2005 season and proved to be filled with positive points.
  Hoyt Xtec
The Hoyt XTec compound bow was a nicely designed compound bow that featured short parallel limbs that allowed only a low level of recoil in order to increase accuracy.
Hoyt Alphamax 32 Hoyt Alphamax 32
The newly designed for 2009 Alphamax 32 compound bow has been given the tag by Hoyt as the new breed of hunting bow that is going to cater for the next generation of hunter.
Hoyt Alphamax 32 Hoyt Alphamax 35
The Alphamax 35 brings forward the innovation and engineering to ensure performance that you get from the Alphamax 32 but in a longer axle-to-axle model
HoytKatera Hoyt Katera
The Hoyt Katera is a hunting bow that gives you a light, sleek bow at a price that is just right. It's a bow that is easy drawing, smooth and a pleasure to shoot.
 Hoyt Pro Comp Elite Hoyt Pro Comp Elite
The Hoyt Pro Comp Elite compound bow is an outstanding tournament bow that has had a redesign for the 2013 season to improve its performance even further.
 Hoyt Pro Comp Elite XL Hoyt Pro Comp Elite XL
The Hoyt Pro Comp Elite XL compound bow is an outstanding tournament bow designed for the larger shooter who requires a longer draw length on a bigger frame. The bow has had a redesign to improve its performance even further.
Hoyt Katera XL
Hoyt Proelite Hoyt Proelite
Over the years the Elite series of compound bows from the Hoyt range has had enormous tournament success showing remarkable consistency of performance. The ProElite compound bow was popular with tournament and 3-D shooters particularly for its forgiveness thanks to the cam and ½ technology.
Hoyt Vectrix Hoyt Vectrix
The Hoyt Vectrix compound bow was released as a high end speed bow that incorporated new technologies to make it as smooth and as quiet as possible.
Hoyt Seven37 Hoyt Seven 37
The Hoyt Seven 37 compound bow is a versatile bow that is placed in the market as a reliable bow that can deliver solid speed and accuracy. It's not a particularly light bow, but then again at 4.6 lbs it won't be weighing you down too much either.
Hoyt Ultratec Hoyt Ultratec
The Hoyt Ultratec compound bow is a bow designed for the serious bow hunters who like to feel a sizeable bow in their hands. This bow remains one of the most popular hunting and competition bows for those serious about performance.
 Hoyt Alphaelite Hoyt AlphaElite
The Alphaelite compound bow has a generous axle-to-axle length and the new shoot-thru riser design to provide a stable platform making it a great target or 3D bow.
 Hoyt Contender Hoyt Contender
The Hoyt Contender compound bow has been available for a number of seasons and continues to be one of the most popular competition designs available. This is the type of bow that is perfect for the serious shooter who is looking for a budget-conscious option.
Hoyt Contender Elite Hoyt Contender Elite
The Hoyt Contender Elite compound bow is one of the most popular competition bows available and is responsible for helping archers to the top of the podium.
Hoyt Vantage Elite Hoyt Vantage Elite
The Hoyt Vantage Elite compound bow is a target bow that has been designed as one of the easiest shooting bows of all time. Every feature of the bow has been built in as a way of making the shot as smooth as possible.
  Hoyt Vantage Pro
The Hoyt Vantage Pro compound bow continues Hoyt’s deserved reputation as a maker of high quality target bows with this version of the Vantage.
 Hoyt Tribute Hoyt Tribute
The Hoyt Tribute compound bow is a throwback to the early days and is designed for the finger shooters. The stable platform of a 45” riser and vast forgiveness of the 8” brace height means that any shooter can stand confidently over their shot.
  Hoyt Protec
The Hoyt Protec compound bow was a popular hunting bow that was released in a number of different set ups around 2002 and was still being released in 2006. This whisper quiet bow with incredible forgiveness was the ultimate hunting bow for many years.
Hoyt Vantage Pro
Hoyt Montega
Hoyt 38 Pro Hoyt 38 Pro
The Hoyt 38 Pro is the reliable standard from Hoyt that many shooters are happy to have in their hands knowing they are shooting a bow that is strong on accuracy and features plenty of power.
Hoyt Riptide
Hoyt Avenger Plus Hoyt Avenger Plus
The Hoyt Avenger Plus is the 2009 model of the Hoyt Avenger, it's the same bow but with a souped up name along with a new grip, a hunter approved 180 pro-fit grip as well as the Hoyt cam and 1/2 plus system.
Hoyt Kobalt Hoyt Kobalt
The Hoyt Kobalt compound bow is a short draw bow that will suit any bow hunter who requires a smaller bow that is light in the hand but still fast enough to provide plenty of stopping power.
Hoyt Trykon Sport Hoyt Trykon Sport
The Trykon Sport compound bow is a light and durable bow that combines speed and smooth draw and release that will give you a great shooting experience.
Hoyt Trykon Jr Hoyt Trykon Jr
The Hoyt Trykon Jr compound bow is a youth bow that has been designed to ensure that young archers not only enjoy the sport of archery but, because of their bow, they fall in love with it.
Hoyt Superhawk
Hoyt Powerhawk Hoyt Powerhawk
The Hawk series of compound bows were first released in 2009 and were designed to give the shooter a light bow that was also fast and powerful but was able to fill the mid-price niche.
  Hoyt CyberTec
The Hoyt Cybertec compound bow was first introduced in 2002 and was one of the early bows to feature the new cam technology that was introduced by Hoyt known as its cam and ½ system.
Hoyt Magnatec ZR 200
The Hoyt Magnatec ZR200 compound bow is a hunting bow that was first released in 2002 featuring the new ZR 200 limbs. As the name of the bow suggests the bow features the Tec riser and is still a rugged and reliable hunting bow.
  Hoyt Lazertec
The Hoyt Lazertec compound bow was released in 2006 and was designed to make use of a range of the latest vibration dampening features.
  Hoyt Havoctec
The Hoyt Havoctec compound bow was an extremely popular compound bow that featured the famous Tec riser and came in a number of different incarnations, making use of a range of limbs and cam systems.

Hoyt Viper
The Hoyt Viper compound bow was first released in 1999 as a high speed hunting bow that handles smoothly. The bow is very stable with a smooth draw that makes it very comfortable to draw, hold and shoot. Not a forgiving bow, however.
  Hoyt UltraSport
The Hoyt Ultrasport compound bow has all of the features and components of the top end bows that most hunters expect but have put it into a bow that costs a fraction of the price.
Hoyt Raider
The Hoyt Raider compound bow was first released in 1999 and it was designed as a low-priced hunting bow.
  Hoyt Raptor
The Hoyt Raptor compound bow was released in 1997 and remained available for sale in various guises until 1998. Possibly the most popular version of the Raptor was the Raptor Carbonite which featured carbonite limbs.
  Hoyt Ruckus
The Hoyt Ruckus compound bow is the latest youth bow in the Hoyt range. It has been given the title of being a performance driven bow.
Hoyt Magic Youth
The Hoyt Magic compound bow was released in 1997 as a youth or ladies bow and gave shooters the opportunity to take a lighter weight bow and enjoy power similar to a fully-fledged hunting bow.
  Hoyt Razortec
The Razortec was a quality compound bow when it was first released and will still provide a comfortable and reliable bow that shoots hard and fast. The slim line grip and the smooth draw cycle will appeal to most shooters.

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