Hoyt Cybertec Compound Bow

The Hoyt CyberTec compound bow was first introduced in 2002 and was one of the early bows to feature the new cam technology that was introduced by Hoyt known as its cam and ½ system. This was a system that was created to take advantages of the strong points of both the one cam and two-cam systems while eliminating the problems encountered with both.

The cam and a half system looks like a two-cam system with identical cams at the top and bottom of the bow. It’s in the modules where the module on the bottom cam rolls over until the Stealth Draw Dampener makes contact with the cable to provide a solid wall. The top cam differs in operation in that it is rounded to act like an idler wheel eliminating timing issues that you might get with two-cam systems.

The CyberTec also features XT2000 limbs which are the 14” laminated limbs providing the perfect combination of length and brace height without compromising bow speed.

As can be quickly figured out by the name of the bow, the CyberTec features the ubiquitous Tec riser that has become extremely popular with Hoyt users.

The CyberTec has been around for many years now but features some of the early innovations that have become depended upon and developed with today’s bows. It is still a smooth reliable bow that any hunter, but particularly someone new to the sport, will appreciate and do well with.

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For parts Hoyt Cybertec compound bow
For parts Hoyt Cybertec compound bow
Time Remaining: 16d 16h 58m
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Hoyt CyberTec Bow
Hoyt CyberTec Bow
Time Remaining: 21d 23h 40m
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Bow Features :

Cam and a Half System
XT2000 Limbs
Tec Riser
Stealth Draw Dampener

Hoyt CyberTec Bow Specs

Draw Weights : 40-80lbs
Draw Lengths : 23-31"
Axle to Axle : 35-1/2"
Brace Height : 6-5/8"
Mass Weight : 3.9 lbs
Effective Let Off : 75%
IBO Speed : 315 fps

What they're saying in the forums about the Hoyt CyberTec

I own a 03 Cybertec and its a very nice bow , very quiet , fast , and accurate. I' d like to know if anyones had luck with a muzzy zero effect on this bow I had trouble getting it to work [ fletch contact ] and am currently using a trapdoor it works great but i can’t see hunting with it . I would love to hunt with this bow so if anyones had luck setting up a zero effect please give details on how you did it .


I have a 2003 Cybertec with the Cam & 1/2. I have been very pleased with it. It is a great overall bow and I have killed many deer with mine. I don't think you can go wrong with this one as a starter bow. It has a little more hand shock than the latest parallel limb bows, but is still very nice to shoot.


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