Hoyt Raider Compound Bow

The Hoyt Raider compound bow was first released in 1999 and it was designed as a low-priced hunting bow. To give the original model its full name it was released as the Raider Intruder Hunting and sported 16” solid glass Intruder limbs and a Single Bend cable guard bar. Compared to bows that are made today the axle-to-axle length can be considered quite long at 39-3/4” and the brace height is quite generous at 7-5/8”.

Those who report having used the Hoyt Raider can attest to its effectiveness assuring us that their bow was responsible for many successful hunting trips. It is a forgiving bow making accuracy quite easy to attain and although it now has a lot of age behind it, the bow still performs strongly.

If you buy the Hoyt Raider you must remember that it will have some age on it, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that it is not a worthwhile compound bow. This would make a terrific backup bow and could be used on the practice range for some fine tuning of the shooting skills.

Hoyt Raider Compound Bows For Sale

Hoyt Raider Intruder Compound Bow 285 32 draw 60 70lb draw weight
Hoyt Raider Intruder Compound Bow 285 32 draw 60 70lb draw weight
Time Remaining: 17d 11h 15m
Buy It Now for only: $83.97

Hoyt Raider Compound Bow 25 40 26 draw 36 inch string
Hoyt Raider Compound Bow 25 40 26 draw 36 inch string
Time Remaining: 29d 7h 53m
Buy It Now for only: $70.00

Bow Features:

C2 Command Cam System
Intruder Limbs
Single Bend Cable Guard Bar

Hoyt Raider Specs

Draw Weight: 55-70#
Draw Length: 19”-30”
Brace Height: 7-5/8”
Axle-to-Axle: 39-3/4”
Mass Weight: n/a.
Let-Off: 75% Effective
IBO Speed: n/a

What They're Saying About the Hoyt Raider

Those were a lower priced bow in 90's. Hoyt made a good bow, and unless the limbs have faded on it I would suggest just getting new String and Buss cables for it. Draw length on those was in the cams, different ones for different draw lengths. Each was adjustable somewhat by end placement on the cams. Most of them had 3 positions for string to attach. Poundage was attained by the limb bolts screwing all the way in for highest poundage.


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