Hoyt Universal Bow Sling

The need to keep the hands free when negotiating some of the more difficult terrain is where the Hoyt Universal Bow Sling comes in extremely useful. This sling will fit any bow, it is fully adjustable so it doesn’t matter whether you’re using a Hoyt bow or any other brand. So if you have a parallel limb bow or a large wheel single cam bow the sling will still be able to be used.

The important feature of the sling is that the Velcro closures can be found in three places to fully protect the cams, strings and cables of the bow. It is a comfortable sling to carry thanks to the strong, wide webbing which is fully adjustable to suit all body sizes.

This sling will take your bow out of your hands where it can be slipped over the shoulder leaving you capable of using your hands when clambering over rocks or using binoculars or rangefinders.

The company lists the bow sling at a recommended price of $34.99 but it is possible to find them for significantly less than this.

Hoyt Universal Bow Sling

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There is a simplicity in the design of this bow sling that works very well. When you are out in the field you don't need to be encumbered by pieces of equipment that are prone to failing or are overly complicated. The Universal Bow Sling by Hoyt gives you quick access to the bow when it has been carried to your hunting spot.

Features of the Hoyt Universal Bow Sling

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