Hoyt Viper Compound Bow

The Hoyt Viper compound bow was first released in 1999 as a high speed hunting bow that handles smoothly. The bow is very stable with a smooth draw that makes it very comfortable to draw, hold and shoot. This is a bow that was designed for hunters who had had previous experience shooting compound bows. The brace height is not particularly big and this will cause accuracy problems for the less experienced.

The bow is often also referred to as the Viper Redline compound bow owing to the fact that it is fitted with Redline limbs and a Redline HL cam. This is often acknowledged by those who have used this particular cam as one of the best available during the time.

There may be some confusion between this particular model of bow and the later Viper bows that featured the Hoyt Tec riser. It wasn’t until 2004 that Hoyt released the updated version of the Viper under the name Viper Tec XT 1000, following it the next year with the updated limb design in the form of the Viper Tec XT 2000.

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Bow Features :

Redline HL Cam
Redline Limbs

Hoyt Viper Bow Specs

Draw Weights : 50-80 lbs
Draw Lengths : 23-30"
Axle to Axle : 34-3/4"
Brace Height : 5.5”
Mass Weight : 3lb 14oz
Effective Let Off : 65%
IBO Speed : 328 fps

What they're saying in the forums about the Hoyt Viper

Hoyt Viper, VERY fast, VERY unforgiving......unless you are a top notch shooter, I would stay away from it.


if memory serves the 99 hoyt viper with redline cam says it shoots about 296 ibo. i bought mine at a pawn shop 3 years ago and have been in love ever since, however with my 26" draw, 65lbs., whisker biscuit, shooting gt hunter xt's with blazers i am shooting in the 268ibo range. suits me just fine as a treestand hunter in tight mississippi woods. the short brace height is only an issue when form is off.


IMHO the redline was one of the best cams Hoyt has ever made. My hunting bow has a redline cam even though they were never available with the redline. The Viper was a real speed demon in its day.

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