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When Tom Jennings first discussed the Holless Allen compound bow in 1967 he expressed his excitement over the newest and greatest innovative feature in archery in over a thousand years. The company changed its name to Jennings Compound Bow and ceased production of recurve bows believing the compound bow was the ultimate.

Jennings Archery produces compound bows that are sleek in design and strong in function. The company has always sbeen a market leader.

The new line of CK Jennings bows feature Carbon Kinetic chamber limbs and carbon fiber construction and the company has also developed the patented Shock Stop which absorbs the shock of a shot by arresting the forward momentum of the string eliminating noise and harmful vibrations and SwingArm cable guard displaying the innovation that started the company off.

The cams used in Jennings compound bows are machined Perimeter Weighted Modular OneCam. These perimeter weighted cams do the job that one and a half or two cam systems do on other bows but there are no timing problems.

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PSE Pulsar Game sport compound bow mathews bear bowtech martin jennings
PSE Pulsar Game sport compound bow mathews bear bowtech martin jennings
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Jennings Bear UNISTAR Compound Bow RH Butterfly Cam w Tom Jennings Signed Photo
Jennings Bear UNISTAR Compound Bow RH Butterfly Cam w Tom Jennings Signed Photo
Time Remaining: 14h 55m
Camo Jennings Firestar Right Handed Compound Bow
Camo Jennings Firestar Right Handed Compound Bow
Time Remaining: 18h 29m
jennings compound bow
jennings compound bow
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Jennings Compound Bow Models - Information and Sales

Jennings Strike Jennings Strike
The Jennings Strike compound bow is a small framed bow that uses the exclusive compression molded carbon fiber limbs that is known as Jennings’ CK technology.
Jennings Reliant Jennings Reliant
The Jennings Reliant compound bow is very much like the other bow released by Jennings Archery in that they are smooth drawing bows that are precision made.
Jennings T-Master Jennings T-Master
The Jennings T-Master compound bow comes in the standard model or in the VPS or Velocity Performance System. This is a bow that is all about torque, or the reduction of it.
Jennings CK3.4R Jennings CK 3.4R
The Jennings CK3.4R compound bow is a versatile bow that can be used either for target shooting or hunting with equal confidence. It is a bow that has been cleverely designed to look like a traditional compound bow but shoot like a parallel limb bow.
Jennings Carbon Extreme
One of the finest bows of all time is the Jennings Carbon Extreme compound bow. The bow is available in a couple of different models with the Carbon Extreme and the Carbon Extreme XLR
Jennings CK3.4R Jennings Sidekick II
Jennings CK3.1R Jennings CK 3.1R
Jennings Buckmaster Jennings Buckmaster
The Jennings Buckmaster compound bow was a popular bow in the Jennings range and went through a series of improvements as the bow was released and re-released.
Jennings Micro Carbon Extreme
The Jennings Micro Carbon Extreme compound bow is a youth bow that has been modeled off the larger Carbon Extreme making it a bow that looks and feels like a fully rigged hunting bow but on a smaller scale.
Jennings Cobra Jennings Cobra
Jennings T-Star
The Jennings T-Star compound bow takes us right back to the early compound bow days, but remarkably this old bow is proof that you don't necessarily have to be equipped with all of the latest and greatest innovation and technology
Jennings Arrowstar Jennings Arrowstar

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