Maitland Compound Bows

Maitland USA is one of the small compound bow manufacturers that is not only producing quality compound bows but also developing innovative technology to help drive the industry forward. At this stage the range of bows that have been produced by the company is only small but they are also technologically superior to many making the industry take notice.

The company has used a range of new features on the bows that have been produced since 2009 to enhance accuracy and consistency in its compound bows. Longriser Technology, Advanced Limb Harness System, Dual Stabilizer Position, Techflex Performance Limbs and a Narrow Throat Grip are all part of what sets the Maitland bows apart from the rest of the field.

The Maitland USA compound bow range for 2012 is available and includes the following models: Maitland Session, Maitland Zeus G3, Maitland Halo 31 and Maitland Halo 34. These particular bows cover the three distinctive fields of competitive archery: the Session is a target bow, the Zeus G3 is a 3D sports bow and the Halo bows are hunting bows.

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Listed below are the compound bows in the Maitland range that have been featured on this site. On each page is a description of the bow, a list of the features that may be of interest and the stated bow specifications as described by the manufacturer.

Maitland Compound Bow Models - Information and Sales

  Maitland Session
The Maitland Session compound bow has been designed as a target bow built around an extended riser to give the shooter more stability and, ultimately, more accuracy.
  Maitland Zeus G3
The Maitland Zeus G3 compound bow is the all-around sport bow that will provide you with a high performance 3D bow, an indoor competition bow or a great hunting bow.
  Maitland Halo 31
The Maitland Halo 31 compound bow is one of the two compound bows that were released in 2012 specifically designed to service the hunter.
  Maitland Halo 34
The Maitland Halo 34 compound bow is the longer framed hunting bow of the two compound bows that were released by Maitland in 2012 specifically designed to service the hunter. The Halo 34 caters to the larger body who will appreciate the extra draw length and the more forgiving brace height.

Find out more about the story of the Maitland USA company, the compound bows that have been manufactured as well as the technology that has been developed by visiting the official Maitland website.

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