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Martin Archery has gone from a tiny business run from the family home to a major archery manufacturer producing a strong line of bows and archery accessories.

Special innovative features of Martin compound bows include the patented Vibration Escape Modules, Double-Helix Bowstrings, Teflon-Plated Cable Guards, Core-Flex limbs.

There are two varieties of Martin compound bows available, the Pro series of bows and the Gold series. The Pro series bows are cutting edge bows packed with technological features. The Gold series are value for money performance bows that also contains some outstanding compound bows in its range.

For the great speed generated in the powerful Warthog and Firecat bows, Martin uses a C.A.T. Hybrid Duo Cam. Bows such as the Martin Moab make use of the M2-Pro Cam system. Bows from the Gold Series range use the M-Pro Cam and you can get an optional draw stop for these bows.

As a means of reducing vibration and providing a smooth and quiet draw and release Martin has a system it calls its CCS or Cable Containment System. This system captures both control cables in a single offset position and keeps them in place.

Martin Compound Bows For Sale

There are plenty of Martin compound bows for sale, plus we have pages of bow descriptions, reviews and all of the relevant specifications available. Choose a bow to be taken to the page that has the added information. It is also possible to buy these bows as part of a complete Martin compound bow package.

Find a Martin compound bow for sale among the following selection or go to the bottom of the page where you will be directed to a specific martin compound bow page.

Martin Tiger Junior Youth Ultimate 10 lb Compound Archery Bow NEW
Martin Tiger Junior Youth Ultimate 10 lb Compound Archery Bow NEW
Time Remaining: 7h 25m
Buy It Now for only: $24.99
Archery BRAND NEW Martin Tiger Junior Youth Ultimate Compound Bow Pink Girls
Archery BRAND NEW Martin Tiger Junior Youth Ultimate Compound Bow Pink Girls
Time Remaining: 7h 25m
Buy It Now for only: $29.99
Time Remaining: 15h 14m
Buy It Now for only: $194.00
Martin Vulture RH Carbon Fiber Compound Bow
Martin Vulture RH Carbon Fiber Compound Bow
Time Remaining: 20h 23m
Martin Cougar Magnum Compound Bow Speed Flite 45 60 WEIGHT 30 DRAW
Martin Cougar Magnum Compound Bow Speed Flite 45 60 WEIGHT 30 DRAW
$31.00 (4 Bids)
Time Remaining: 20h 25m
New 2016 Martin Carbon Vapor compound bow package camo finish
New 2016 Martin Carbon Vapor compound bow package camo finish
Time Remaining: 20h 29m
Buy It Now for only: $399.98

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Martin Compound Bow Models - Information and Sales

Martin Afflictor Martin Afflictor
The Martin Afflictor compound bow is a new single cam bow for the 2015 season. It is fast, light and very shootable with a smooth draw and release cycle with many features that a hunter is going to appreciate.
 Martin Alien Martin Alien
The Martin Alien compound bow has been designed with the hunter who is looking for the latest in technology. This is an extremely lightweight bow that will shoot with incredible smoothness
Martin Bengal Pro
The Martin Bengal Pro compound bow has been designed with a longer riser to provide greater stability. The cam system has been updated to the Fury XT single cam.
 Martin Blade X4 Martin Blade X4
The Martin Blade X4 compound bow is part of the Gold Series line of compound bows and has been released for the 2013 season. It is a durable compound bow that has been designed to deliver superior speeds compared to other bows in its class.
Martin Carbon Mist
The Martin Carbon Mist compound bow is the ultimate short-draw carbon bow. There are many features packed into this bow, making it perfect for all conditions. This is a bow that will suit the small framed and younger hunters.
Martin Condor Martin Condor
The Martin Condor compound bow has taken the success of the Scepter V and built on it to come up with a new target bow that will provide stability and shootability in a formidable combination.
Martin Eclypse Martin Eclypse
The Martin Eclypse compound bow is a single cam bow that focuses largely on providing an extremely smooth shoot and release cycle. The bow is lightweight but well balanced and achieves impressive speeds while keeping shock and vibration to a minimum.
Martin Exile
The Martin Exile compound bow is a short framed bow that has been designed primarily for bow hunting over rough and difficult terrain. It has been built with many of the standard Martin features that has helped ensure the martin bows are some of the most popular available.
Martin Hawk Martin Hawk
The Martin Hawk compound bow is a great all-round bow that will be equally well suited to use on the 3D course, in tournaments or out hunting in the field.
Martin Hawk Martin Hawk VE
The Martin Hawk VE compound bow has been released for the 2015 season and has a similar set up to the original Hawk but has been created as the target bow in the range.
Martin Hellfire 35
The Martin Hellfire 35 compound bow has been created as one of the leading bows in the newly reformed Martin Archery range. It features a longer 35 inch axle-to-axle measurement for a more stable platform to base the bow’s performance around.
Martin Krypton Martin Krypton
The Martin Krypton compound bow is a very adjustable hunting bow that is smooth to draw and is incredibly light weight, perfect for the longer hunting days. The price is another major draw card and represents the perfect introductory hunting bow.
Martin Krypton SE Martin Krypton SE
The Martin Krypton SE compound bow has taken the original version of the Krypton and given it a look that is designed to appeal more to the female archer. The bow is still incredibly adjustable and is a hunting bow that is smooth to draw and is incredibly light weight.
Martin Lithium Ltd Martin Lithium LTD
The Martin Lithium Ltd compound bow has taken the original Lithium design with the bridged riser and developed an absolute speed bow while retaining the performance that will ensure a complete shooting experience.
Martin Lithium Pro Martin Lithium Pro
The Martin Lithium Pro compound bow is a redesign for the 2015 of the original Lithium and has been designed to offer the hunter a nice balance of speed and stability. The bridged riser is a solid foundation around which the bow is balanced for a better feel and greater accuracy.
Martin Lithium Martin Lithium
The Martin Lithium compound bow has been created as a smooth shooting bow that combines speed and stability. It features a machined aluminum riser that is incredibly rigid and is bridged to equip it with the patented Vibration Escape System.
 Martin Nemesis 35 Martin Nemesis 35
The Martin Nemesis 35 compound bow is a combination of formidable size and power that is wrapped into a lightweight frame and forgiving format.
Martin Scepter V Martin Scepter V
The Martin Scepter V compound bow has been designed as a particularly accurate and forgiving compound bow. It is a competition bow that will provide you with the type of solid stabilized accuracy that you are looking for in a quality target bow.
Martin Stratos CR Martin Stratos CR
The Martin Stratos CR compound bow is a new all-rounder, designed to last a life time. This carbon bow is designed with all new features, specifically to assure the highest quality for every user. This bow is fast, perfect for any environment, and unbelievably light.
Martin Thrasher Martin Thrasher
The Martin Thrasher compound bow is a compact hunting bow that is designed to be accurate and forgiving in a neat package. It is fast and powerful but light in the hand and easy on the budget.
Martin Xenon Martin Xenon
The Martin Xenon compound bow is a single cam bow released for the 2014 and has been designed to provide a lightweight bow with a rigid riser for a smooth and forgiving shot. It is powerful, easy to use and the type of hunting bow that many shooter needs.
Martin Xenon 2 Martin Xenon 2.0
The Martin Xenon 2.0 compound bow is the updated 2nd generation version of the original Xenon. The bow is a single cam that features the Silk Cam which is new for the 2015 season along with a riser that has been given a complete redesign.
Martin Ridge Hunter
The Martin Ridge Hunter compound bow is a target bow that has been built to supply plenty of speed that is controlled thanks to a stable, slimmed down riser. With a range of new features built into it, the Ridge Hunter is a reliable compound bow.
Martin Scepter 4 MAG Martin Scepter 4 MAG
The Martin Scepter 4 Mag compound bow is the old Scepter with a new look for a new year. The bow is still basically the same tournament winning bow with a few slight adjustments.
Martin Silencer
The Martin Silencer compound bow has been named with its primary feature as the big drawcard. This is a silent bow that is smooth on the draw and quick – really quick.
Martin Warthog Martin Warthog
The Martin Warthog compound bow is blindingly fast with a speed of 350fps as the top speed measured for the bow.
Martin Firecat TR2 Martin Firecat TR2
The 2010 Martin Firecat TR2 has taken the old version of the Firecat with the superior speed and the light frame and have made some improvements to turn the bow into an even more impressive unit.
  Martin Crossfire Pro
The Martin Crossfire Pro compound bow is going to please the hunters who prefer small framed bows very much because this lightweight bow is only 29.5” in length.
  Martin Onza 3 Pro
The Martin Onza 3 Pro compound bow has taken the original innovative riser design of the Onza 3 and recreated it by adding new features for the 2012 season.
Martin Onza III Martin Onza 3
The Martin Onza 3 compound bow has been designed with a focus on the rise that has been bridged to provide added strength as well as a measure of balance that will feel comfortable in the hand.
Martin Threshold
The Martin Threshold compound bow is part of the Martin Archery Adventure Series of bows. This bow is a full sized hunting bow that has been set up to provide a great deal of value in a bow that will be capable of an enormous amount of stopping power.
Martin Moab Martin Moab
The Martin Moab compound bow is one of the more popular single-cam hunting bows in the Martin line up. The new version of the bow now features the redesigned M2 single cam which replaces the previous single cam model.
Martin Firehawk Martin Firehawk
The Martin Firehawk is part of the Pro Series range in the Martin Archery line up. It is a short frame bow that the company bills as a leading high performance bow.
Martin Lynx
The Martin Lynx compound bow is one of the early versions of the Martin range of bows and represents a chance to try out a bow before the latest in technological break throughs began to change the face of hunting with compound bows.
Martin Bengal Martin Bengal
The Martin Bengal compound bow is a short draw bow that is often touted as the best value compound bow on the market. In fact, it has won awards that have named it the best value bow of the year.
martin-cheetah Martin Cheetah
The Martin Cheetah compound bow is a light weight bow that manages to pack a solid wallop combining a draw that is nice and smooth with quick accuracy.
Martin Leopard Martin Leopard
The Martin Leopard compound bow is a short draw bow that will suit the small framed archer while still delivering plenty of power.
Martin Saber Martin Saber
The absolute value for money option in the Martin range is the Saber creating a great quality bow right out of the box that is filled with features and that costs a small percentage of the cost of other comparable bows.
  Martin Trophy Hunter
The Martin Trophy Hunter compound bow was released in 2008 and was a special model that was rebadged for Dicks Sporting Goods. The bow is the same bow as the Saber with all of the same features and specifications of the original bow.
  Martin Firecat 400
The Martin Firecat 400 compound bow is part of the 2011 line up of Pro Series hunting compound bows. The bow is equipped with a number of features that speed lovers are going to be very excited about.
  Martin Firecat 360
The Martin Firecat 360 compound bow is another new bow from the 2011 range and is a shorter framed bow that provides added accuracy for the sake of a little speed.
Martin Mystic
  Martin Cougar FC Pro
The Martin Cougar FC Pro compound bow is a particularly versatile bow that will give the archer a powerful hunting bow that will also perform very nicely on the range.
Martin Cougar Martin Cougar
The Martin Cougar compound bow provides those who appreciate the stability and control that can be had with a mid-length bow. While many other bows are being made with increasingly shorter frames the Cougar provides those who prefer accuracy over maneuverability.
Martin Rytera Bullet X
  Martin Pantera Magnum
The Martin Pantera Magnum compound bow is a single cam bow with a slightly longer riser than many of today’s speed bows.
Martin Pantera Martin Pantera
The Martin Pantera compound bow is part of the Gold Series of bows in the Martin range. It is a hunting rig that has been packed with features and the design is based around the solid riser that has been made to cut down on the weight.
  Martin Tiger Youth
The Martin Tiger compound bow is a youth bow that the company has stated is the best youth bow they have produced. It is a scaled down version of an adult bow giving the young archer the opportunity to get a feel for the way a fully sized compound bow is going to look and shoot.
  Martin Jaguar
The Martin Jaguar compound bow was one of the most popular compound bows in the market for quite a few years thanks to the well balanced nature of the bow. Combine this with a lightweight frame and a Dyna Single Cam that that powered the bow and it featured great shot accuracy as well as good consistency.
  Martin Firecat M44
The Martin Firecat M44 compound bow continues the long line of Firecats produced by the Martin Archery Company that has helped raise it to the top of the pile in terms of shooting accuracy. This is a tournament compound bow that has helped many archers take first place.
  Martin Prowler
The Martin Prowler compound bow is a great entry level compound bow that was available for sale new back in the 1990s. Although it has been replaced with compound bows that have been packed with newer innovations, the Prowler still represents a very worthwhile choice for the beginner archer.
  Martin Phantom
The Martin Phantom compound bow was released in a number of different configurations over the years. The Phantom Fuzion was a bow that provided the hunter with plenty of versatility thanks to the performance of the weighted cam design.
Martin Shadow Cat
Martin Crossfire

There are many discounted Martin compound bows available for sale on the various product pages. Buy a cheap Martin compound bow here. For more information about their bows you may want to visit the Martin Archery website.

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