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Mathews Archery is one of the biggest and most popular compound bow manufacturers in the market. The bows are packed with innovative features beginning with its Single Cam technology when the company began in 1992. These days this technology is known as the Mathews SoloCam. Since then the hits haven't stopped coming with more such as Perimeter Weighted Cam Systems, String Suppressors, the Roller Guard, Harmonic Dampening System and Harmonic Stabilizer. Each of these innovative features have been leading the way towards a better, quieter and more accurate bow.

The Mathews bows are said to have simplified the compound bow fraternity with the single cam technology going some way to making dual cam bows outdated.

The new series of compound bows to grace the Mathews line-up are the Z7 series of bows that use the new ZX Cam. These bows are seriously fast bows and have been designed to deliver the hunter with an agile bow that is compact and powerful. The Z-series of bows include the Z7, Z7 Xtreme, Z7 Xtreme Tactical, Z7 Magnum, eZ7 and the long draw Z9.

Among the previous models of big names in the Mathews range is the very popular Drenalin, a thin framed bow that is extremely light and this has been recently joined by the Monster XLR8, a dual cam bow that is super fast and efficient. Back with the single cam bows are the pairing of the Reezen 6.5 and the Reezen 7.0. The list goes on further and many of the bows offered from Mathews are listed below.

If it's a solid tournament competition bow that you're looking for the Mathews Conquest Apex 7 is extremely hard to go past and many tournament winners will attest to its effectiveness.

The following is a selection of the Mathews Archery compound bows that are commonly available on the market right now, make a selection to get more information about the individual bows. It is also possible to buy these bows as part of a complete Mathews compound bow package.

Listed below is a sample of the compound bows that are available from Mathews Archery. Further down the page is a listing of all of the individual Mathews compound bows that have been examined and offered for sale

Mathews Compound Bows For Sale

Mathews HTR Compound Bow 60 295draw
Mathews HTR Compound Bow 60 295draw
Time Remaining: 17h 38m
Buy It Now for only: $585.00
Mathews drenalin compound bow
Mathews drenalin compound bow
Time Remaining: 20h 1m
Buy It Now for only: $399.99
Mathews Creed XS Compound Bow LH 50 70lbs Camo
Mathews Creed XS Compound Bow LH 50 70lbs Camo
Time Remaining: 20h 56m
Buy It Now for only: $365.51
Mathews drenalin compound bow
Mathews drenalin compound bow
Time Remaining: 21h 16m
Buy It Now for only: $399.99
Mathews Monster Compound Bow 80lbs
Mathews Monster Compound Bow 80lbs
$225.00 (39 Bids)
Time Remaining: 22h 12m
mathews reezen compound bow
mathews reezen compound bow
$321.00 (34 Bids)
Time Remaining: 1d 1h 52m

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Mathews Compound Bow Models - Information and Sales

Mathews Halon
The Mathews Halon compound bow is the new flagship bow for the 2016 season and it is a particularly sturdy power bow as the most hard hitting bow to date. This bow comes in a range of brace heights of 5, 6 and 7. It's this that makes the Halon bows much more suitable for any archers.
Mathews Halon X
The Mathews Halon X compound bow has been designed and marketed as a crossover bow that will perform equally well out in the field as it will on the 3D range. It is a solidly reliable bow that has a smooth draw cycle and plenty of power behind the shot.
Mathews No Cam HTR Mathews No Cam HTR
The Mathews No Cam HTR compound bow is a new design for the 2015 season and provides the shooter with a dependable shooting platform and a newly designed cam system. The result is a bow that focuses primarily on accuracy at the expense of a little bit of speed.
Mathews No Cam TRG 7 Mathews No Cam TRG 7
The Mathews No Cam HTR compound bow is a new design for the 2015 season and provides the shooter with a dependable shooting platform and a newly designed cam system. The result is a bow that focuses primarily on accuracy at the expense of a little bit of speed.
Mathews No Cam TRG 8 Mathews No Cam TRG 8
The Mathews No Cam TRG 8 compound bow is part of the new series of target bows in the Mathews line-up for the 2015 season. With the addition of the No Cam ST technology the bow is balanced and accurate making use of the latest in technological features.
Mathews No Cam TRG 9 Mathews No Cam TRG 9
The Mathews No Cam TRG 9 compound bow is the largest of the new series of target compound bows from the Mathews line-up for the 2015 season. With the addition of the No Cam ST technology the bow is balanced and accurate making use of the latest in technological features.
Mathews Z2 Mathews Z2
The Mathews Z2 compound bow is another release featuring the popular and successful Solocam design. The bow is lightweight, stable and very fast and will prove to be yet another reliable hunting bow from Mathews Archery.
 Mathews Creed XS Mathews Creed XS
The Creed XS compound bow is the shorter-framed version of the Creed and boasts an axle-to-axle measurement of 28 inches.
 Mathews Chill X Mathews Chill X
This is a bow that has been designed as a more versatile offering. It is longer than the previously released Chill and Chill R bows at 35 inches and with a generous brace height of 7 inches the Chill X makes it a great bow for hunting and 3-D shooting.
 Mathews Chill X Pro Mathews Chill X Pro
The Mathews Chill X Pro compound bow is perfect for all variety of needs of an archer, from hunting to 3D target archery. This bow measures at 35" axle to axle and features an all new cam system which offers a stable shot and a relaxed post shot feel, superior to other bows.
 Mathews Chill R Mathews Chill R
The Mathews Chill R compound bow takes the original Chill and re-releases it with a longer frame.
This is a highly powerful bow that is combined with tremendous vibration reducing qualities for a smooth and fast hunting bow.
 Mathews Chill SDX Mathews Chill SDX
With the same essential elements as the popular Chill series of bows from Mathews, the Chill SDX provides the female and smaller stature shooters with a smooth and powerful option.
 Mathews Creed Mathews Creed
The Mathews Creed compound bow has been designed with a simpler overall idea to deliver a compound bow that delivers an advanced bow that is smooth to draw while providing amazing energy.
 Mathews Monster Chill Mathews Monster Chill
The Mathews Monster Chill compound bow is the new version of the McPherson Series line that was released for the 2013 season. This is a bow that has been acknowledged by everyone who has tried it that it is incredibly smooth for a speed bow.
Mathews Conquest Apex 7 Mathews Conquest Apex 7
The Mathews Conquest Apex 7 compound bow is a pure target bow that offers tremendous stability and control. It is the type of bow that is perfect for indoor and 3D competitions. It has a generous brace height while also being capable of achieving impressive speeds.
Mathews Conquest Apex 8 Mathews Conquest Apex 8
The Mathews Conquest Apex 8 compound bow is the target bow that a larger framed shooter will use. It is very similar in its design and features to the Conquest Apex 8 but the dimensions are larger and the weight is slightly greater.
Mathews ZXT Mathews ZXT
The Mathews ZXT compound bow is part of the Z series of bows that typically feature the Geo Grid Lock riser pattern. This indicates that the bow is not only lightweight but also features a strong and rigid core that the rest of the bow is based around.
 Mathews Monster MR5 Mathews Monster MR5
The Mathews Monster MR5 compound bow is another release featuring the the smooth design of the AVS cam. Mathew's bows speak for themselves. Not much needs to be said about the Monster MR5.
Mathews Monster Safari Mathews Monster Safari
The Mathews Monster Safari compound bow is an amazing piece of weaponry, packed full of new technology. The Monster Safari shows exactly how good a bow should be. With smooth cams and little to no vibration, this bow really packs a big punch.
Mathews Monster Wake Mathews Monster Wake
The Mathews Monster Wake compound bow is the fastest, most power full, meanest looking bow money can buy. With a thinner grip, incredibly comfortable for the hand and the DYAD AVS cam, for a super smooth draw, this bow really is one of the most insane hunting tools on the market.
Mathews Reezen 6.5 Mathews Z7
The Mathews Z7 compound bow has been designed as a short frame bow that is very forgiving. The draw is smooth and even until the very end.
Mathews Z7 Xtreme Mathews Z7 Xtreme
The Mathews Z7 Xtreme compound bow is a compact bow that has been released as part of the 2011 Mathews range. It provides hunters with the ultimate in agility as they move through the densest of undergrowth.
Mathews Z7 Xtreme Tactical
The Mathews Z7 Xtreme Tactical compound bow provides a variation to the Xtreme with a flat black finish on the riser and SE5 Composite SlimLimbs that have been given a Carbon Fiber film dipped finish. This is still the same compact bow that you get with the Xtreme but with a look that will allow it to stand out.
Mathews Z7 Magnum Mathews Z7 Magnum
The Mathews Z7 Magnum compound bow is a sweet drawing bow that delivers great power from a short brace height with virtually no hand shock. The top speed of the bow is listed at a healthy 340 feet per second.
  Mathews Z9
The Mathews Z9 compound bow is part of the highly regarded Z-series of bows that has taken Mathews to the forefront of the industry. Using the same design as the awarded Z7 the new Mathews Z9 provides shooters who require a longer draw length with an appropriately sized bow.
  Mathews Jewel
The Mathews Jewel compound bow is a new release for 2012 and is the bow that has been created with the female archer in mind.
Mathews Reezen 6.5 Mathews Reezen 6.5
The Mathews Reezen 6.5 compound bow is a fast, powerful single cam hunting bow that provides high efficiency shooting. The 6.5 in the name of the bow is reference to the size of the brace height.
Mathews Reezen 6.5 Mathews Reezen 7.0
The Mathews Reezen 7.0 compound bow is a highly efficient bow tnaks to the design of the Reezen Cam which means that the majority of energy produced by the bow, up to 87%, goes into moving the arrow leaving only a relatively small amount left over to cause vibration and hand shock.
Mathews Monster XLR8 Mathews Monster XLR8
The Mathews Monster XLR8 compound bow is a McPherson series bow from the Mathews company. This is the bow that has taken over Mathews' claim of being the fasttest dual cam ever built and on top of that comes the claim that it's also the most efficient.
Mathews Monster Mathews Monster
The Mathews Monster compound bow is a fast bow, in fact, Mathews Archery is touting it as the fastest dual cam compound ever built. This means it takes over from the Mathews Eliminator which was also the fastest dual cam compound ever built...until the Monster.
  Mathews McPherson MR7
The Mathews Monster MR7 compound bow is part of the McPherson series and features power and control rolled into a bow that has been given a range of new features.
  Mathews McPherson MR6
The Mathews Monster MR6 compound bow is a vital part of the McPherson Series of bows with an impressive IBO rated speed of 354 fps.
  Mathews McPherson MR8
The Mathews Monster MR8 compound bow was added to the McPherson Series line up in 2012 with a revolutionary cam timing idea called the AVS Technology.
  Mathews Monster 7.0
The Mathews Monster 7.0 compound bow is the type of bow that any archer would feel comfortable with no matter whether it’s on the range or out hunting.
Mathews Hyperlite Mathews Hyperlite
The Mathews Hyperlite compound bow delivers three of the most important features that hunters are craving – high speed, low vibration and light weight.
Mathews DXT Mathews DXT
The Mathews DXT compound bow is another of the Mathews bows to be released using the SlimbLimb technology. This is an incredibly popular bow from the Mathews range of hunting bows and for very good reason. It is a power-packed precision instrument that makes it easy to fall in love with.
Mathews Passion Mathews Passion
The Mathews Passion compound bow is the new bow that has been especially designed for the female archer. It has a draw weight range that begins down at 30 pounds and progresses up to 70 pounds and the weight of the bow is a very comfortable 3.6 pounds.
Mathews Drenalin Mathews Drenalin
The Mathews Drenalin compound bow is all about the SlimLimb design that gives the bow a streamlined appearance and a lighter weight than the other bows in its class. Backing it up is the pivoting SphereLock cup system.
Mathews Drenalin LD
The Mathews Drenalin LD compound bow is a long framed hunting bow that provides the bow hunter with a bow that is all about performance. This is a bow that will suit the larger framed hunter and those looking for a substantial bow frame.
Mathews DR2 Mathews DR2
The Mathews DR2 compound bow has been included in the range of Mathews bows as the mid-priced selection. It is a bow that provides plenty of appeal as a good solid bow that packs a decent punch.
Mathews S2 new Mathews S2
The Mathews S2 compound bow is bow that is somewhat similar to the popular Switchback bow, a bow that has now been discontinued. It contains a few more added features with standard limbs, limb pockets and a machined riser.
Mathews Outback Mathews Outback
The Mathews Outback compound bow is a short framed compound bow at only 31-1/2” but it is a sweet shooting bow that continues to be popularly sought after.
Mathews Ovation
The Mathews Ovation compound bow is a target bow that has been around for a long time now but it still stands as a high performance bow that is now available at a very reasonable price. It is a high performance bow.
Mathews FX
The Mathews FX compound bow was designed and created to provide the hunter with the ultimate hunting bow. It is a lightweight bow that has proven to be very accurate and powerful. The bow is rated at 308 feet per second and still stands up today as a great quality bow.
Mathews Switchback Mathews Switchback
The Mathews Switchback XT compound bow is a short framed bow that is smooth and fast and it is definitely a bow that you should consider buying if you're into performance. The bow measures 31" from axle-to-axle and there is a lot to admire about it.
Mathews Black Max 2 Mathews Black Max 2
The Mathews Black Max and Black Max 2 compound bows were produced by Mathews Archery from 1998 to 2003 and 2003 to 2007 respectively. When the Black Max 2 was released it was hailed as the speed machine for those who loved shooting hard and fast.
Mathews Conquest Triumph Mathews Conquest Triumph
The Mathews Conquest Triumph compound bow continues the tradition of competition bows of the highest calibre from Mathews. The single cam dominance combined with the consistent accuracy of the Conquest will still be possible with the Triumph.
Mathews Conquest Mathews Conquest Apex
The Mathews Conquest Apex compound bow is another of the Conquest line of bows that have won more professional tournament victories than any other target bow.
Mathews Conquest Mathews Conquest Apex 7
The Apex 7 features a redesigned Apex reflex riser giving you greater speed and is more forgiving. Instead of the larger 8" brace height this bow has a 7" brace height.
  Mathews Conquest 4
The Mathews Conquest 4 compound bow is a tournament bow that has descended from a long line of successful bows that have passed on all of their winning characteristics.
Mathews Prestige Mathews Prestige
Displaying the versatility of the Mathews range the Mathews Prestige compound bow has been designed as a high-performance bow for the mid-draw length shooters.
  Mathews Q2
The Mathews Q2 compound bow was first introduced into the market by Mathews Archery in 2000 as a vibration free bow.
Mathews Q2XL
The Mathews Q2XL compound bow is a long framed hunting bow that has tended to buck the trend towards shorter bows with a 38 inch bow providing a stable base that allows for great accuracy as well as speed.
  Mathews Legacy
The Mathews Legacy compound bow introduced a couple of new advancements in vibration reducing technology in 2002 when the bow was first introduced to the market.
Mathews LX
The Mathews LX compound bow adds to the innovative features that were first introduced in the earlier model Legacy bows. The Mathews technology that has made its bows popular such as the parallel limbs, harmonic dampening and string suppressors are built into the LX compound bow.
Mathews MQ1
The Mathews MQ1 compound bow will suit archers of all levels of experience and ability. It is a bow that features the StraightLine MaxCam which is a perimeter weighted single cam system and it shoots quickly and with a minimum of noise.
  Mathews MQ32
The Mathews MQ32 compound bow is a short-framed bow that is packed with power using the Mathews single-cam technology to its best advantage.
  Mathews Icon
The Mathews Icon compound bow was available as a new bow from Mathews Archery from 2002 to 2004. The bow featured a new cam system the company called the Concentric SoloCam and is renowned for being a smooth shooting bow.
Mathews Mustang Mathews Mustang
The Mathews Mustang compound bow is a lightweight bow designed primarily for women and smaller framed shooters. Although it is light in weight it certainly isn't a lightweight when it comes to performance and handling ability.
Mathews Ignition Mathews Ignition
The Mathews Ignition compound bow is youth bow that ensures that the young budding archer gets off on the right track. The bow features single-cam technology. The 6-1/2" brace height makes the bow extremely forgiving.
Mathews Genesis Pro Mathews Genesis Pro
The Mathews Genesis Pro compound bow is a youth bow that has been designed based from the original successful Genesis design but has added a few extra features to make it possible to customize the bow.
Mathews Genesis Mathews Genesis
The Mathews Genesis compound bow is an entry level bow for the youth archer that is able to cover the draw lengths from 15" to 31". It is an amazingly versatile bow for the young archer that will give an aspiring beginner the confidence to progress up to the next level.
Mathews Mini Genesis
Mathews Mini Genesis
The Mathews Mini Genesis compound bow has taken the wildly popular Genesis youth bow and made it smaller and lighter and perfect for the smallest of youngsters to use and develop a love for the sport of archery.

Many of the bows available on this site include used Mathews compound bows, however some of the bows being offered for sale as secondhand may never have been used. It is worth inquiring fully before making your purchase.

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