Mathews DXT Compound Bow

Mathews DXTThe Mathews DXT compound bow is another of the Mathews bows to be released using the SlimbLimb technology. This is an incredibly popular bow from the Mathews range of hunting bows and for very good reason. It is a power-packed precision instrument that makes it easy to fall in love with.

The DXT is shorter than similar bows in the market at only 29-3/4" making it a good bow to use in close situations and when pushing through thick overgrowth. It is also a light bow and this hides the fact to a certain extent of the speed at which it is capable of shooting.

The SlimbLimb technology gives the DXT a streamlined appearance and helps to achieve the lighter weight. The limbs are made out of SE4 composite and typically last twice as long as traditional limbs.

The cam system on the Mathews DXT is the perimeter weighted cam system that features an inertia disc on the perimeter of the cam. This works by catapaulting in the opposite direction when the bow is fired counteracting the limb momentum giving you less recoil and noise.

Browse through the various Mathews DXT compound bows when they are displayed for sale below. You will also find a list of bow features further down the page as well as the bow specifications to give you a good idea of the type of bow that is being reviewed and offered here.

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Mathews DXT Compound Bow
Mathews DXT Compound Bow
$540.00 (20 Bids)
Time Remaining: 2h 12m
Mathews DXT Compound Bow 29 draw 60 70lb
Mathews DXT Compound Bow 29 draw 60 70lb
$225.00 (1 Bid)
Time Remaining: 8h 48m
Mathews Dxt Compound Bow Left Hand Package
Mathews Dxt Compound Bow Left Hand Package
Time Remaining: 2d 21h 37m
Mathews dxt bow 29 65 used
Mathews dxt bow 29 65 used
Time Remaining: 3d 22h 32m
Mathews DXT bow 60 255
Mathews DXT bow 60 255
Time Remaining: 3d 23h 1m
Mathews Dxt Compound Bow 29560 Left Handed Archery
Mathews Dxt Compound Bow 29560 Left Handed Archery
Time Remaining: 4d 8h 57m
Buy It Now for only: $365.00


Bow Features :

Reezen Perimeter Weighted Cam
Harmonic Dampening System
SE4 Composite Limbs System
Pivoting SphereLock Limb Cup
In Line Grip
Roller Guard

Mathews DXT Bow Specs

Draw Weights : 40, 50, 60, 70 lbs
Draw Lengths : 24-30"
Axle to Axle : 29.75"
Brace Height : 7"
Mass Weight : 3.75 lbs
Effective Let Off : 80%
IBO Speed : 326 fps

What they're saying about the Mathews DXT

The grip on the DXT is different than past Mathews bows. It is a bit narrower and feels better than the past Mathews grips. I liked that quite a bit.

I was very impressed with the DXT. Overall it shoots better than the Drenalin.


The DXT embodies the super performance we have come to expect from Mathews in a much lighter package.


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