Mathews Halon Compound Bow

The Mathews Halon compound bow is the new flagship bow for the 2016 season and it is a particularly sturdy power bow as the most hard hitting bow to date. This bow comes in a range of brace heights of 5, 6 and 7. It's this that makes the Halon bows much more suitable for any archers needs because the 5 inch brace height provides the fastest speed at 353 fps, the 6 inch brace height offers an IBO rating of 345 fps and the 7 inch brace height is the most forgiving but is still capable of 335 fps.

The Halon uses the NO CAM technology inspired, Crosscentric Cam. This employs concentric string payout and AVS technology to produce a silent and accurate draw, while shooting the arrow at 335-353 fps. The cam provides a let-off up to 80%.

The riser, used to support the cam system is the dual-bridged riser. The dual-bridged riser provides strength and durability capable of surviving through the toughest hunting conditions. As afore mentioned, the brace height ranges from 5-7".

The are numerous features added to this bow to really make it stand out above the rest. These include the FlatBack Grip, designed to keep the archers hand comfortable while holding the riser. Also, the Harmonic Stabilizer reduces the majority of vibration. The other feature is the Harmonic Damper.

The bow is available in Lost Camo XD, Lost Camo OT, Black Anthem, Stone and Tactical.

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Mathews Halon32 6 Lost XD RH 29 60 70LB MINT
Mathews Halon32 6 Lost XD RH 29 60 70LB MINT
Time Remaining: 15h 4m
Mathews Halon32 7 Lost XD RH 28 60 70LB MINT
Mathews Halon32 7 Lost XD RH 28 60 70LB MINT
Time Remaining: 1d 17h 6m
mathews 32 halon 6
mathews 32 halon 6
$810.00 (15 Bids)
Time Remaining: 1d 18h 29m
Mathews Halon32 7 Lost XD RH 29 60 70LB MINT
Mathews Halon32 7 Lost XD RH 29 60 70LB MINT
Time Remaining: 2d 4h
mathews halon 6 rh 70lb 29 draw 2016
mathews halon 6 rh 70lb 29 draw 2016
$1,000.00 (6 Bids)
Time Remaining: 2d 18h 44m
Mathews Halon 6 RH60 7028 WITH ACCESSORIES
Mathews Halon 6 RH60 7028 WITH ACCESSORIES
$710.00 (20 Bids)
Time Remaining: 2d 19h 11m

Bow Features :

Crosscentric Cam System
Dual-Bridged Riser
Harmonic Stabilizer
Harmonic Dampers
FlatBack Grip

Mathews Halon Bow Specs

Draw Weights: 40, 50, 60, 70 lbs
Draw Length: 24-32”
Axle to Axle: 30”
Brace Height: 5, 6, 7"
Mass Weight: 4.55- 4.6 lbs
Effective Let-Off: 75 & 80%
IBO Speed: 335- 353 fps

This bow was part of the 2016 line-up of compound bow releases. You can find the specifications of all bows released in 2016 here.

This video from Bowsite.comt gives a well detailed review of the bow.


What they're saying in the forums about the Mathews Halon

First impression is cams are huge LOL !
Overall look of the bow IMO is really good, balance and feel in the hand, excellent. The grip feels exceptionally well to me and took to it right away. Smooth draw cycle and solid backwall. Should be a very good stable platform with the long riser, even if ATA is only 30".


Fit and finish were flawless, as is usually the case with Mathews. That being said, there are a number of design elements worth noting. Some new and some evolved from proven technologies from other platforms. Mathews has done away with the Geo Grid riser concept in favor of a more standard cutout pattern. They also incorporated the dual bridged riser that was introduced last year on the TRG target bow series in the beginning of their 2015 model year. The limbs and limb pockets are massive, with design cues taken from the Wake brought out as a mid year run. This model comes standard with their new Flatback grip grip with walnut inserts bearing the Mathews logo. Exotic woods with or without laser etched artwork can still be ordered.

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