Mathews Monster Safari Compound Bow

Mathews Monster SafariThe Mathews Monster Safari compound bow is an amazing piece of weaponry, packed full of new technology. The Monster Safari shows exactly how good a bow should be. With smooth cams and little to no vibration, this bow really packs a big punch.

The bow is 33" Axle-to-Axle and uses an AVS Cam System. This gives the bow a let off of up to 80% while firing up to 350 fps. The honeycomb design, used on the limbs is one of the reasons Mathews stands out from the other brands. The honeycomb reduces the weight of the bow miraculously. The bow weighs 4.8 lbs but there's no telling how much it could have weighed without the well designed limbs.

There are a large number of features integrated into the bow to ensure that the shooting is smooth and quiet at all time. Such as the Harmonic Stabilizer and the Dead End String Stop. These taking part in reducing the vibration up to 75% and dispelling any noise at the end.

Because of how much is packed into this bow, it is expected that it won't come cheap. The MRSP is $2,100. This bow is most suited for the archer who is willing to pay whatever they can to get the most high end bow.

The bow is available in Black and Lost Camo finishes.

Take a look at the selection of Mathews Monster Safari compound bows that have been provided for sale below. For a full list of features and bow specs you can find them further down the page.

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Bow Features :

AVS Cam System
Parallel V-lock Limbs
Harmonic Stabilizer
Harmonic Damper
String Grub
Roller Guard
Zebra Trophy Strings
Advanced Vectoring System
Honeycomb Core Technology
Dead End String Stop
Internal Grip With African Inlays

Mathews Monster Safari Bow Specs

Draw Weights: 70, 85 lbs
Draw Length: 25.5-31”
Axle to Axle: 33”
Brace Height: 6”
Mass Weight: 4.8 lbs
Effective Let-Off: 65% or 80%
IBO Speed: 350 fps

This bow was part of the 2014 line-up of compound bow releases. You can find the specifications of all bows released in 2014 here.

This video released by ZAC GRIFFITH goes into detail about the features of the bow.

What they're saying in the forums about the Mathews Monster Safari

It's heavier then any bow I've shot. I switched to a lighter stablizer (To the Axion from a Dish w/ four weights) I'm guessing it's less then half a pound overall heavier. The bow holds very steady, even with the smaller stab. After the shot it rotates forward. It's what I'd expect in a bow. It's not jumping out of my hand.


I’ve shot it a few hundred times. My groups are tight. I took it out yesterday to start setting up my Tommy Hogg. At 40 yards I was able to put all four arrows into a small post it I had on the target. (Well at least 3 of 4 consistently)  The bow is heavier then I’m used to, but if anything that makes it hold steadier.

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