Mathews No Cam TRG 9 Compound Bow

Mathews No Cam TRG 9The Mathews No Cam TRG 9 compound bow is the largest of the new series of target compound bows from the Mathews line-up for the 2015 season. With the addition of the No Cam ST technology the bow is balanced and accurate making use of the latest in technological features.

It’s the new cam design that is the main talking point about this bow. Mathews have moved on from the Solocam system with this No Cam ST version that features the concentric circular cam system with two wheels that are the same size and shape for the strings to operate on. The idea is that the string is allowed to travel at a constant distance from the center of rotation during shot cycle eliminating camming action that is common with other cams. The result is straight and level nock travel and greater accuracy.

As the name of the bow suggests, The TRG standard for Target and the 9 tells us that the brace height is 9 inches, which makes it the most forgiving of the three TRG models but also means that it is the slowest of the three.

The draw length of the bow is longer than the TRG 7 and the TRG 8 ranging from 27 to 32 inches with half inch adjustment increments.

The riser of the bow provides the stable platform that ensures greater accuracy. Its design is the grid lock riser that was first introduced a couple of seasons ago. It is lightweight yet strong and stiff. In the case of the HTR the riser is not as reflexed as it has been with other recent models. Two circular cut-outs are located at either end of the riser near the limb pockets where the Harmonic stabilizers can be placed.

The bow is noticeably larger and heavier thanks to the longer riser and this provides an even more stable base from which to shoot accurately. The bow also features RockMods that are available in a choice of 65% and 75% let-off.

The bow is available in Black, Black Anthem, Red or Blue finishes.

Take a look at the selection of Mathews No Cam TRG 9 compound bows that have been provided for sale below. For a full list of features and bow specs you can find them further down the page.

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Bow Features :

No Cam ST Technology
Twin Harmonic Stabilizers
Focus Grip

Mathews No Cam TRG 9 Bow Specs

Draw Weights: 40, 50, 60, 70, 80
Draw Length: 28-33”
Axle to Axle: 38”
Brace Height: 9”
Mass Weight: 5.35 lbs
Effective Let-Off: 65%, 75%
IBO Speed: 301 fps

This bow was part of the 2015 line-up of compound bow releases. You can find the specifications of all bows released in 2015 here.

What they're saying in the forums about the Mathews No Cam TRG 9

I personally have one of the new TRG's and it has to be the best aiming and best wall of any of my other bows if you are on the fence of ordering one you won't be disappointed with it at all. Tunes really easy and shoots like a dream.


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