Mathews Q2XL Compound Bow

The Mathews Q2XL compound bow is a long framed hunting bow that has tended to buck the trend towards shorter bows with a 38 inch bow providing a stable base that allows for great accuracy as well as speed.

The bow is powered by the StraightLine MaxCam2 that has been designed for both the Q2 and the Q2XL. The cam system features the Mathews perimeter weighted cam technology with the result being a reduction in vibration and noise. This is very similar to the technology that has gone into the vast majority of the Mathews compound bows.

Thanks to the fact that the bow is slightly heavier and longer it provides the shooter with a more stable starting point that provides a greater chance of shooting accurately. This is the type of bow a larger framed shooter is going to appreciate for the extra draw length.

Those who have used the bow have described it on the various archery forums that it is a very good shooting bow and is particularly forgiving.

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Mathews Solocam Q2XL Right hand compound bow ready to hunt
Mathews Solocam Q2XL Right hand compound bow ready to hunt
$51.00 (10 Bids)
Time Remaining: 4d 7h 44m

Mathews Q2XL TARGET Bow RH 50 60  28 30 or 31 inch Draw ships wourld wide
Mathews Q2XL TARGET Bow RH 50 60 28 30 or 31 inch Draw ships wourld wide
Time Remaining: 15d 12h 46m
Buy It Now for only: $375.00

Bow Features :

StraightLine MaxCam2 Perimeter Weighted Cam System
Harmonic Dampening System
Parallel Limb Design
Teflon Composite Cable Slider
Ball Bearing Idler Wheel

Mathews Q2XL Bow Specs

Draw Weights : 40,50, 60, 70lbs
Draw Lengths : 24-31"
Axle to Axle : 38"
Brace Height : 7.5"
Mass Weight : 4.3 lbs
Effective Let Off : 70%
IBO Speed : 308 fps

What they're saying in the forums about the Mathews Q2XL

People who have been asking form experts about the Mathews Q2XL have been getting replies stating almost unanimously that it is a nice bow and have emphasized it is a long bow. Some have demurred on whether it is suitable for hunting but as a target or 3D shooting bow it gets the thumbs up.


The axle to axle length is not the only factor in how forgiving a bow is. Brace height has quite a bit to do with it as well. If you go to a shop that sells Mathews, you should be able to shoot several models and compare to see what you like. I had a Q2 (now have a Legacy). The Q2 is a great bow as well, but doesn't have all the features of their new bows.

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