Mission Buckmasters Compound Bow

Mission BuckmastersThe Mission Buckmasters compound bow has been created with the whitetail hunter as the target market. It is a comfortable lightweight bow that provides the hunter with a smooth, forgiving shot.

The Mission Buckmasters is a quiet and vibration-free bow due to the string cushions, rubber-like cushions that stop the string in its tracks before it can make a noise. The second noise reducing features are cable silencers that are fitted to the bow.

The cam system used on the Mission Buckmasters is a perimeter weighted cam system that is capable of generating speeds over 300 fps IBO.

Mission bows are the lower priced range of bows that have been manufactured by the Mathews Archery company. It combines the features of a strong, dependable company with a price range that will please a lot of customers.

Browse through the various Mission Buckmasters compound bows that have been displayed for sale below. You will also find a list of bow features further down the page as well as the bow specifications to give you a good idea of the type of bow that is being reviewed and offered here.

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Bow Features:

Perimeter Weighted single cam system;
String Cushions;
parallel limb design;
Cable-X Silencers

Mission Buckmasters Specs

Draw Weight: 40 - 80#
Brace Height: 7.5”
Axle-to-Axle: 31”
Mass Weight: 4.24 lbs.
Draw Length: 25”-30”
Let-Off: 80%
IBO Speed: 316 fps

What They're Saying About the Mission Buckmasters

I own a mission buckmasters and a switchback they are both great i bought my youngest son a menace seem to be good quality products no skimp on quality just a few cosmetic downgrades i would recommend them to anybody looking for a good singlecam setup.


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