Mission Maniac Compound Bow

The Mission Maniac compound bow is a dual cam bow that is adjustable enough to ensure it suits a wide variety of people. The Maniac Dual Cam also combines nicely with parallel limbs, limb-based string suppressors and D-Amplifier string silencers to keep the noise and vibration to an absolute minimum.

It is all based around a fully machined aluminum reflex riser and this helps keep any jump down to a minimum.

The versatility of the bow and the great level of adjustment that is provided by the cam system ensures that the Maniac will be ideal for the young archer who will be looking for a formidable bow that will also grow with them. This doesn’t mean that the bow is only meant for the youngsters. In fact, it is a great hunting bow that will be appropriate for archers of all levels.

Mission Maniac Compound Bows For Sale

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Bow Features:

Dual Cam System
Parallel Limbs
String Suppressors
Machined Reflex Riser
Zebra Hybrid Strings
Realtree Advantage Max 4 Camo finish

Mission Maniac Specs

Draw Weight: 20- 70#
Draw Length: 22-30”
Axle-to-Axle: 31”
Brace Height: 7-1/8”
Mass Weight: 4.1lbs.
Let-Off: 77% Effective
IBO Speed: 310 fps

What They're Saying About the Mission Maniac

It's a great bow and shoots great. I've killed several deer and hogs along with the occasional squirrel over the last two years with it. I wouldn't hesitate to buy one again. At 70 lbs I'm shooting around 297ft/sec with my set up. I know it's not as fast as others out there but it gets the job done.


They are a great bow for the price, and everyone I know that shoots one loves them. They are great for Younger guys only pulling 40-50lbs with tremendous speed.


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