NAP Braxe Broadheads

The NAP Braxe broadhead has been designed with an unusual blade setup, unlike that of any other make or model of fixed blade broadhead on the market.

The Braxe is a 3-blade broadhead and each of the blades is double-edged to give it six offset cutting edges. The offset nature of the Braxe means that as it spins and enters the flesh it uses Core Drilling Technology (CDT) to create a channel wound and gushing blood trails.

In front of the blades is a bone-splitting Trivex point that will punch its way through the hardest obstacles. Testing has shown that the Braxe is one of the most penetrative broadheads going around and knocks the fears of the skeptics out of the park.

These 0.030" thick blades are going to be much admired and desired by many serious bow hunters.

Take a look at the selection of NAP Braxe Broadheads listed for sale below. These broadheads are available at 100 grains and come in packs of three four.

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NAP Braxe Broadhead Features

One of the comments that often comes up about the Braxe is that it looks like a turkey head but it is most definitely a head that has been designed to take down big game. This is a fixed blade head that can compete with the mechanical heads when it comes to the size of the entrance hole that is created.

Visit the NAP Broadheads page to browse through the complete selection of broadhead arrow points that are made by the company.

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