NAP Nightmare Broadheads

The NAP Nightmare broadheads are fixed blade heads that feature offset blade settings that cause much larger blood trails than you might normally expect from a 100 grain broadhead. Ahead of the blades is another formidable weapon, the Trivex point that hits with bone splitting force for maximum penetration. The aim is a quick and efficient kill.

The three blades of the Nightmare are Diamize sharpened blades and this means the sharpest blades in the industry and when these sharp blades enter with their offset action the hemorrhaging will be significant.

The Nightmare broadheads have been discontinued by NAP with the Thunderhead Edge taking its place having taken the strong points in terms of the toughness and positioning of the blades and given it a revamp. That being said, the Nightmare is still available in limited numbers for those who have had good experiences with them.

Take a look at the extensive selection of NAP Nightmare broadheads listed for sale below. These broadheads are available at 100 grains and come in packs of three.

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NAP Nightmare Broadhead Features

What the hunters say about the NAP Nightmare Broadheads (a selection of comments from hunting forums)

“I've already posted kills with these heads on another thread. They are unbeatable. No dulling issues at all. Any head has to be touched up after a kill, and most need to have their blades replaced. These heads are spot on accurate, sharp as heck, hold their edge, and can be shot through more than one deer. I've proved it”


“The blades are hands down the strongest and truest I have seen for a head in this Price range.
Basically a Thunder head on steroids.”


“With regard to the Nightmare in particular—we had decided to roll the best features of the Nightmare into the new Thunderhead EDGE. So, it's not so much that the Nightmare "lost"—but rather that we took it's "best features" and rolled them into a new offering that we felt would be superior to the Nightmare itself.

Part of that decision came from the strength of the Thunderhead brand itself. The Thunderhead is a long established brand. The reason the Thunderhead has had such a long run is because it's been proven time and again to "get the job done". It's reliable. With that in mind, we felt there were ways to improve upon the original—and part of that turned out to be rolling newer features (such as the Nightmare's) into the newest Thunderhead offering.”

Return to the Broadhead Arrow Points page for more information about the various types of broadheads available.

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