NAP Quiktune 1000 Arrow Rest

The NAP Quiktune 1000 arrow rest is recognised as being one of the leading shoot thru styles of arrow rests available. It has been designed to withstand the most powerful of forces generated by the modern compound bows that are being released each year.

The design of the arms is referred to as triple bearing and it is permanently lubricated to guarantee that it will always work no matter what the conditions are like.

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New NAP Pro Series QuikTune 1000 Arrow Rest LH The Perfect Hunting Rest
New NAP Pro Series QuikTune 1000 Arrow Rest LH The Perfect Hunting Rest
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The Quiktune 1000 has an adjustable spring tension control that can be tightened or loosened so that it will work equally well for just about all sizes and weights of arrows. From the hefty weight of the sturdy hunting arrows up to 800 grains to the light shafts on the target range this rest will still give the shooter the most accurate shoot thru operation possible.

The spring tension knob has a label that indicates the direction it should be turned. When turning the knob in the direction of the word “more” the tension will be increased while turning it in the direction of “less” will reduce the tension.

The arms of the Quiktune 1000 are fitted with silencers to ensure a minimum of noise is made during the release process. These silencers are fitted at the factory and will allow you to use the arrow rest right out of the box. Replacement silencers are available should they become worn or are damaged.

To pick up more details about the manufacturer you might want to take a look at our NAP arrow rests page.

The NAP Arrow Rest Range

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NAP arrow rests represent a range of leading arrow rests that are both reliable and hard wearing. Naturally there are many others to choose from and it would be worthwhile checking out the arrow rests page.

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